'Enough': Gabby Giffords Unfortunate Book Title

'Enough': Gabby Giffords Unfortunate Book Title

Thanks to a CNN op-ed, former Congresswoman and America’s number one gun-grabber Gabrielle Giffords is in the news again. Here’s Giffords’ opener:

This month, just outside of Houston, a man police say had a history of abusing and threatening women got his hands on a gun and executed six members of his ex-wife’s family — including four children. On that day, local law enforcement officials believe he was on his way to hunt down other family members when, thankfully, they ended his rampage.

Guess who stopped the rampage? People with guns. Giffords never once stops to wonder if those six innocent people might be alive today had just one of them owned a gun.

Like most left-wing extremists, Giffords wants the government to take away our guns because of the War on Women, or something… Giffords seems to believe that men who brazenly break the law to stalk and abuse women will compartmentalize their lawbreaking when it comes to obtaining a gun.

The circular logic at work here means that women will be safer. The science says no.

Of course, in the real world, we all know that men willing to murder, stalk, and  beat the living hell out of women are already lawbreakers and will therefore not be dissuaded by new gun control laws. These evil men will obtain a gun and the laws Giffords demands be passed will only make it more difficult for vulnerable women to purchase their own equalizer.

The tone-deafness off Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly even stretches to the title of their upcoming book. In September the couple releases an anti-gun screed with the unfortunate title, “Enough.

If your goal is to convince Americans to agree to water down their 2nd Amendment civil rights, why use the title of a popular Jennifer Lopez movie where an abused wife is relentlessly stalked by her ex-husband? The Lopez character teaches herself to fight back and eventually ends up trapping and killing the bastard. The point is that she does not enact The Giffords Plan and helplessly wait for The State to solve her problem; she does what it takes to defend herself.

Lopez’s character doesn’t use a gun to kill her husband/stalker. In the heightened reality of Hollywood, she learns self-defense and beats him to a pulp. Most people watching the movie, however, know that even when you’re in the movie star-shape of a young Jennifer Lopez, that finale is unrealistic. They also know, though, that an ex-husband stalking them with a gun is not.

Lopez’s “Enough” is a potent reminder that every smart, independent woman should buy a firearm and learn how to use and store it properly.

Giffords’ “Enough” wants women dependent on their government for everything, including as defense for a home invasion.

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