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'Roosevelts' PBS Historian Angry Fox News Would've Told Truth About FDR

'Roosevelts' PBS Historian Angry Fox News Would've Told Truth About FDR

During an appearance on CBS’ Face the Nation, historian Geoffrey Ward, the writer behind Ken Burns’ most famous PBS documentaries, said that if Fox News had been around 85 years ago, the network “would have loved’  to exploit Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s handicap:

Ward thinks it’s “sad’ that the media today would have sought to tell the public the truth about President Roosevelt’s health. Then he singles out Fox News.

Talk about partisanship blinding you to right and wrong…

I thought we had evolved as a country and now understood just how unethical it was for the media to collectively cover up the truth about President Roosevelt’s health from the public. Because he’s an ideologue enamored with myth, power, and protecting a federal government that helps subsidize his career, Ward obviously hasn’t evolved along with the rest of us.  

It is unconscionable the media covered up the truth about Roosevelt, and the fact that Ward is comfortable with such a thing makes me wonder what his documentaries cover up.

People afraid of truth probably shouldn’t be historians, especially one as famous and whose work is as widely known as Ward’s.

Ward’s attempt to trash Fox News is in reality a compliment. He’s just too bubbled to see it.

Only among the leftwing elite and intelligentsia is it an insult to claim that a news network wouldn’t shy away from the truth about the most powerful man in the country.


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