Jon Stewart Blasts GOP on Climate Change, Ignores Global Warming Pause

Jon Stewart Blasts GOP on Climate Change, Ignores Global Warming Pause

The best way to watch Jon Stewart’s nightly “news” show is to remember what the Comedy Central host chooses to leave out of any discussion.

The Daily Show exists, in part, to defend beleaguered Democrats and savage Republicans. To do so, the show’s writing team uses editing techniques that don’t tell the full story or leaves out sizable facts that cast doubt on their comic conclusions.

Toward that end, there’s never been a better subject than climate change.

The show could have the comedy field all to itself mocking the hypocrisy of A-list actors like Leonardo DiCaprio who rail against emissions while stalking the earth with his Godzilla-sized carbon footprints. Or, Stewart could tear into Al Gore, a man who lives oh, so large and made millions by spreading fear about global warming and then profiting off of such alarmism.

That doesn’t forward the left’s agenda, so those comic morsels go undigested.

Instead, Stewart’s show decided to attack the GOP tonight for daring to suggest scientists might be skewing data to feed the need for similar research studies on the subject, or that said scientists are unwisely using scare tactics.

Monday, The Daily Show let Stewart attack several Republicans for failing to sing along with the “Science is Settled” chorus.

How far back to the elementary school curriculum do we have to go to get someone on the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology caught up?” Stewart said. “Do we have to bring out the paper-machet and the baking soda so you can make a volcano?

Left unsaid, as per Stewart’s usual tactics, the inconvenient truth that the climate models which Gore and co. used to scare the world silly in recent years have been comically wrong. Also left out is the fact that we haven’t experienced global warming for more than a decade despite the rising levels of carbon emissions.

How a political humorist could leave those neon green nuggets out of his commentary is, well, knee-slappingly funny.


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