'Key & Peele' Stars too Busy for President Obama

'Key & Peele' Stars too Busy for President Obama

The stars of Key & Peele rejected President Obama’s proposal to advertise ObamaCare on their show because they were too busy.

The President tried to wrangle more supporters for his flawed healthcare program and asked comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele if they would let him make a cameo appearance in an upcoming episode.

Key and Peele are famous for their President Obama impersonations, as he’s been a running joke on the Comedy Central series since its 2012 premiere. However, schedule conflicts did not allow them to accommodate the commander in chief’s acting career.

“So we actually had to relieve the President of his duties. We couldn’t help him out on that one particular time,” said Peele, who also stated that in America, pop culture celebrities have more influence over society than elected officials.

“But this is a country where we technically have status over our elected officials, so you gotta remember, Obama works for us,”  he continued. 

Obama was pleased with the works of Key & Peele in 2012, calling it “good stuff” when he endorsed them on the Jimmy Fallon Show.

“These guys Key and Peele on Comedy Central, they’ve got a guy who imitates me pretty well,” he said.

President Obama was able to promote ObamaCare in March, when he sat down for an exclusive interview with actor-comedian Zach Galifianakis in the Funny or Die skit “Between Two Ferns”, which received more than 24-million views.


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