Oberlin College Official: We Are Looking into the Alleged Rape of Lena Dunham

Oberlin College Official: We Are Looking into the Alleged Rape of Lena Dunham

An Oberlin College official confirmed to Breitbart News that the university is looking into and has made local law enforcement aware of the rape allegations made by Lena Dunham.

In her memoir “Not That Kind of Girl,” Lena Dunham, the 28-year-old star and creator of HBO’s “Girls,” alleges she was raped by a “mustachioed campus Republican” named Barry on “college-owned” property when she was 19. The college in question is Ohio’s Oberlin College, Dunham’s alma mater.

Wednesday morning, Breitbart News spoke with Marjorie Burton, Director of Safety and Security for Oberlin College. Ms. Burton said that her office became aware of the incident through media reports, which she says they are taking seriously as a “report at this time.”

“We are looking at the information we have,” Ms. Burton said. “Then we look at how to approach it.”

When asked if there’s an official investigation, Ms. Burton said that she couldn’t comment on any specifics of an investigation but that, if further investigation results in what “is considered a violation of [campus] sexual misconduct policy,” the investigation will go forward “if she [Lena Dunham] wants to go forward.” 

Ms. Dunham’s cooperation and willingness to go forward will be a major factor when it comes to the university pursuing the case.

As of yet, Ms. Burton said her office has not seen Dunham’s memoir and didn’t know when they would see it.

Ms. Burton did say that they have discussed the “report” with local law enforcement.

Breitbart News has requested comment from the Oberlin Police Department.

According to Dunham’s memoir, her alleged rapist left her injured enough that she eventually had to visit a doctor. Dunham also says she heard stories of this same man hurting two other women.

The statute of limitations for rape in Ohio is 20 years.

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