Fox Show 'Bones' Kills Limbaugh-Like, S&M-Loving Radio Host

Fox Show 'Bones' Kills Limbaugh-Like, S&M-Loving Radio Host

This week’s Fox TV police forensics show Bones killed off a Rush Limbaugh-like “radical conservative” radio talk show host who was overweight, hated gays and blacks, didn’t actually believe anything he said on the radio, and died during a sexual S&M session (Spoilers ahead).

The police procedural series broadcasting its final season aired the October 9 episode entitled The Purging of a Pundit and threw just about every hateful slur imaginable at conservative radio hosts and their fans.

The Bones Limbaugh stand-in radio host is named “Hutch Whitehouse,” and we find out as the show progresses that he is a liar, a blow hard, a charlatan, and even a sexual deviant.

The episode begins with a rotund corpse stuck in a storm drain. When the corpulent legs are tugged on, the body comes away half-eaten by no less than wild weasels. 

As the Bones forensics team begins its investigation, we discover that the body was of “Hutch Whitehouse,” a conservative who said hate-filled things on the radio. He was a host hated by half his audience, while he goaded the other half to hate minorites.

Hutch is described variously as a “right-winger,” an “offensive right-wing radio host,” and a “radical.”

A short excerpt of his radio show is played in one scene, revealing that Hutch spewed racist hatred.

“More guns not less, and diversity? How about celebrate our own kind?” he is heard saying.

His station manager is portrayed as a man who doesn’t believe the right-wing blather his star radio host spews. He is an opportunist but also a dullard.

For instance, in one scene during an interrogation, Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) verbally slaps his level of intelligence, saying, “Based on your views of climate change, I know that science isn’t your forte.”

But as we learn more of the radioman, we find that his “radical conservative” bluster on the air is all an act, and that he doesn’t believe a word he says. In fact, he is portrayed as wracked with guilt over it, and this guilt has driven him to enjoy sadomasochistic abuse delivered by his own specially hired dominatrix.

In one scene, this hired sex worker insists that the radioman, “felt great guilt that he made his money off exploiting the worst in everybody.”

The Bones team goes on to look at letters written by fans to the radio host to see if one of them might be from the killer. We are told that the conservatives who wrote the letters are all half-morons who have “bad grammar and sloppy penmanship.”

The identity of the killer is irrelevant compared to the clear message about conservative radio hosts, conservative radio producers, and conservative radio fans.

They are haters, radicals, racists, idiots, anti-science, ill-educated, sexual perverts, would-be terrorists, liars, money grubbers, charlatans… in short, there isn’t a single redeeming thing about conservatives in the Bones universe.

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