Hollywood Reporter: Dunham Publisher to Alter Rape Chapter

Hollywood Reporter: Dunham Publisher to Alter Rape Chapter

Paul Bond of The Hollywood Reporter landed the first interview with Barry One’s attorney Aaron Minc. Minc told Bond that Random House has agreed to add a disclaimer to future printings of Lena Dunham’s memoir Not That Kind of Girl that will make clear that “Barry” is not the real name of her alleged rapist:


Attorney Aaron Minc said he has been in contact with Dunham’s lawyers at Ziffren Brittenham in Los Angeles who assure him that future printings of the book, subtitled, “A young woman tells you what she’s ‘learned,'” will come with a disclaimer that “Barry” is not the real name of the man who raped Dunham when the two were students at Oberlin College a decade ago. […]

Minc says he has been asking for several weeks for Dunham to absolve his client, but until he set up a legal fund and threatened a lawsuit he hadn’t heard from her representatives.

“Miss Dunham and Random House are starting to come around to some of our demands,” Minc said. 

Minc also added that the disclaimer and Random House’s offer to cover Barry One’s legal fees might not be enough: “I don’t know if that will be good enough for my client. Ideally, we were looking for something from Miss Dunham,” Minc told The Hollywood Reporter.

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***ADDED: Over at The Wrap, Tony Manglio has confirmed that the changes are already underway and will include all digital copies:

“We have put the change in process,” Random House told TheWrap exclusively. “The digital edition of ‘Not That Kind of Girl’ will reflect that ‘Barry’ is a pseudonym. Future printings of the physical book will also have that change.”

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