Sony Hack Reveals Celebrity Aliases: Tom Hanks As… Johnny Madrid?

Sony Hack Reveals Celebrity Aliases: Tom Hanks As… Johnny Madrid?

Hackers who hit Sony Pictures Entertainment two weeks ago continue to torment the studio and its employees. 

The group of hackers, known only as the “Guardians of Peace,” most recently divulged a folder containing a list of celebrity aliases, according to Fusion

Last week, social security numbers were released for SPE employees and some celebrities, including Sylvester Stallone and Judd Apatow.

The latest release of confidential information contains a folder titled “publicity bibles” which are reportedly compiled and distributed among film staff to serve as contact directories for filming. 

The “publicity bibles” include phone numbers and e-mail addresses for directors, producers, publicists, cast members, and crew. 

In some cases, the files included false names stars assume in order to protect their privacy. 

Some of the celebrity pseudonyms are interesting, to say the least. 

Here are some of the names stars have reportedly been using in public: 

Tom Hanks: “Harry Lauder” and “Johnny Madrid” 

Sarah Michelle Gellar: “Neely O’Hara” 

Tobey Maguire: “Neil Deep” 

Natalie Portman: “Lauren Brown” 

Clive Owen: “Robert Fenton” 

Rob Schneider: “Nazzo Good” 

Taye Diggs: “Scott Diggs” 

Jude Law: “Mr. Perry” 

Daniel Craig: “Olwen Williams” 

Jessica Alba: “Cash Money” 

Ice Cube: “Darius Stone” and “O’Shea Jackson” 

Debra Messing: “Ava Harper.” 

While the release of the fictitious names will likely inconvenience stars seeking anonymity in public, most on the list are highly reputable for their creativity. 

If Tom Hanks has a particular affinity for Spanish cities, “Johnny Barcelona” could be an excellent replacement.


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