DAVI: Obama’s Prayer Breakfast Plea Leaves U.S. Unprotected


Okay, here I go again. The dangerous, misguided and absurd comments made by President Barack Obama this week are once again met with silence by the Hollywood power brokers and the intellectually nuanced.

Instead of defining the biggest threat Western civilization has faced in history, the president is trying to equate a religion founded by a man who sacrificed himself for mankind and preached love for all, Jesus Christ, with the atrocities we see happening today.

Islam is not founded on the principles of Christ. It is a religion founded by Mohammed, whose subsequent development has a whole different beginning and mindset which cannot be compared to Christianity.

Even Obama’s reference to the Crusades is both naive and manipulative. The initial Crusades were a response to the persecution Christians received by the Saracens (Muslims) and the expansion they undertook… much like we are seeing today.

Imagine if Pope Francis decreed a Christian response to the persecutions that Christians are receiving in some Arab countries. What would the world say? What would the president of the United States say?

President Obama, while Christianity no longer responds as if in the Middle Ages, the Muslim world is still stuck in it. It cannot grow because you, Mr. President, lack the moral clarity to define for the world the issue at hand.

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi has done so, as have others in the Arab world.

You, Mr. President, lied to the American people about your attendance in a church whose pastor cried out, “God damn America.”

The odd thing is, I do not blame you. You are your father’s son. You have an agenda rooted in the same mindset as Bill Ayers. You cannot help yourself nor can those “progressives” in your administration. No, I do not blame you. I blame all those without the courage and moral clarity to demand the renunciation of your foreign policy, a policy that makes more out of the danger of global warming then a new holocaust taking place. I am speaking to all your Hollywood supporters that have that thrill up their legs and, instead of making you accountable to them, they are in compliance.

It is strange that your biggest supporters do not demand that you define what this threat is, but instead, by remaining silent, seem compliant. All good, talented, intelligent men that should know better.

So why do they sit in silence? What secret do they know that I am ignorant of? Does anyone know? Did not America give much to them? Can they not admit that historically, when an enemy goes undefined, the largest danger looms.

Would they be the kind of men that, if they were in Germany during the early 1930s, would have been silent and scorned Churchill’s admonishing?

As we move forward, my guess is that in 50 or 100 years these days will have been a defining moment, and the legacy of these men and Hollywood in particular on this issue will be looked on as weak, anemic, and out of touch. That they not demand that a man they helped put in charge of the free world stop his defense of the indefensible. We are living in a time of extreme danger.

I remember an article in the Los Angeles Times that some in the Hollywood community likened then-Sen. Obama to President John F. Kennedy. Well I have news for them: Kennedy, whose father did not at first heed the Nazi crisis, would have been able to define what our clear and present danger is.

I remember when President Obama first became president — I heard people say he was the Manchurian Candidate. I was outraged that they would think so of him. I must say I am very frightened that he may very well be so. Let me be clear, I do not think he is right for the America that has been a beacon to the world. We need a strong leader that stands up for those values that define what the world can become, not what it should not. He is not doing Islam any service. In fact, he is hurting it and he is weakening the moderates who can take the best of Islam and have it thrive without the radical mindset.

But herein lies the rub — why is he so adamant about not defining this threat? The Mafia was defined as such. If he has a problem calling it radical Islam, then perhaps he should redefine it as the Arabafia Terrorist or as Islamafia Terrorists… but something.

And by all means do not try and equate it with Christianity.

He should be impeached. And those of you that still have that thrill up your leg and do not speak out know this. History one day will hold you accountable.


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