Musician Moby Attacks ‘Racist, Xenophobic, Ignorant, Armed’ Republicans


Electronic music pioneer Moby (real name Richard Melville Hall) went on quite the Twitter tirade on Saturday, railing against “racist, xenophobic, ignorant” Republicans who “support war” and “hate immigrants.”

The musician, who has campaigned for and written open letters to President Obama, began his rant in standard fashion, calling Republicans “loathsome” and linking to a Los Angeles Times article about NASA funding:

Next, Moby tweeted an Instagram picture of a bumper-sticker laden car in Georgia, captioning it: “The worst part of America: racist, xenophobic, ignorant, republican, and armed.”

But he did not stop there:

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly earlier this year, Moby said he was addicted to reading the news.

“Yeah, I would look at the Huffington Post 10 times a day, and I would look at Google News 10 times a day, and I was just almost way too informed,” he told the outlet. “You know, like whenever anything happened, I knew the moment it happened. And I realized, you know, it’s okay to maybe be a little less informed and not necessarily check the news 20 times a day.”

Earlier this month, the musician tweeted his support for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign:


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