New ‘Splatoon’ Maps, Weapons, and Modes Leaked


Nintendo’s third-person shooter game Splatoon has been “datamined” to reveal upcoming content. There are two new maps, 33 new weapons, and three new modes.

The information was derived from a Twitter user who claimed to have hacked the Splatoon retail edition to find content hidden in the game’s files.

The two new maps are Camp and Skyscraper. This is a floorplan of the Skyscraper stage:

New weapons are listed as:

  1. Sploosh-o-matic – Squid Beakons & Killer Wail
  2. Neo Sploosh-o-matic – Point Sensor & Kraken
  3. Neo Splash-o-matic – Burst Bombs & Inkzooka
  4. N-ZAP ’89 – Sprinkler & Inkstrikes
  5. Custom Dual Squelcher – Squid Beakon & Killer Wail
  6. Luna Blaster – Ink Mines & Inkzooka
  7. Luna Blaster Neo – Splat Bombs & Bomb Rush
  8. Range Blaster – Splash Wall & Inkstrike
  9. Custom Range Blaster – Splat Bombs & Kraken
  10. Rapid Blaster Pro – Seekers & Inkzooka
  11. Rapid Blaster Pro Deco – Disruptors & Killer Wail
  12. L-3 Nozzlenose D – Burst Bombs & Kraken
  13. H-3 Nozzlenose – Suction Bombs & Echolocator
  14. H-3 Nozzlenose D – Point Sensor & Inkzooka
  15. Carbon Roller – Burst Bombs & Inkzooka
  16. Carbon Roller Deco – Seekers & Bomb Rush
  17. Inkbrush Nouveau – Ink Mines & Bubbler
  18. Octobrush – Squid Beakons & Kraken
  19. Octobrush Nouveau – Splat Bombs & Inkzooka
  20. Bloblobber
  21. T_BigBall_Strong01
  22. Triple Bloblobber
  23. T_BigBall_Diffusion01
  24. Bomlobber
  25. T_BigBall_Launcher01
  26. E-liter 3K Scope
  27. Custom E-liter 3K Scope
  28. Bamboozler 14 Mk I
  29. Bamboozler 14 Mk II
  30. T_Gatling_Standard00
  31. T_Gatling_Standard01
  32. T_Gatling_Hyper00
  33. T_Gatling_Hyper01

The Sploosh-o-matic is described as a weapon for close-corner shooting. The Range Blaster fires long-range explosives at a slower rate. The H-3 Nozzlenose includes an Echolocator to track enemies and better utilize a slow fire rate. The Octobrush shoots ink and Squid Beakons while enabling players to escape on the Kraken.

The new modes are Splat Zones, Tower Control, and Rainmaker. The only one currently detailed, Rainmaker is essentially capture the flag, wherein gamers must capture the Rainmaker, which is protected by a shield that must be broken to carry. Players cannot Super Jump with the Rainmaker but can shoot ink with it.

Breitbart reached out to Nintendo for comment on the leak but did not receive a reply by the time of publication of this article.

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