Watch Dalai Lama Rock Out with Patti Smith at Glastonbury Music Fest


The UK’s Glastonbury music fest featured a slew of big names over the weekend, and although rapper Kanye West was describing himself as “the greatest living rock star on the planet” Saturday, the Dalai Lama spent Sunday calling for world peace.

Billboard reports singer Patti Smith was joined on stage by the Tibetan spiritual leader, and she and the crowd sang “Happy Birthday” to mark his upcoming 80th birthday.

Smith then presented her guest with a birthday cake.

He praised Smith’s white hair, voice, and “physical action,” and said she was “very beautiful, very forceful.”

Watch below via BBC:

The Buddhist then condemned ISIS, and opened up about happiness and peace.

“A lot of problems we are experiencing are our own creations,” he said. “Violence is being created this very moment in Syria, Iraq, and Nigeria. Humans killing each other in the name of religious faith. Unthinkable. Carry the message of love and tolerance and forgiveness.”

He added: “There is nothing wrong with religious beliefs but some supporters of religions have a lack of moral principle and conviction. There is no basis to kill. I love my own life. Everyone loves their own life. Everyone has the right to live happily. Once you have a firm conviction in that, then suddenly man-made problems will reduce.”

He then called for more emphasis on human values in education, a change in the wealth gap, and said billions of dollars spent on weapons could be better spent to help the poor.


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