Andy Richter Calls Me ‘F**king Creep’ For Criticizing Anti-Gun Amy Schumer

Andy Richter, Conan O'Brien

According to Conan O’Brien sidekick Andy Richter, I did a terrible thing the other day during a radio appearance; I questioned the current queen of the ruling class — Senator Chuck Schumer’s cousin, comedienne Amy Schumer, after she made a public appearance to call for more federal spending, and for more restrictions of  my Second Amendment civil rights.

Apparently, believing that a celebrity might exploit a tragedy in order to further their career is now off limits, or something. Because we have never seen anything like that before.

After her slut-shaming movie “Trainwreck” was attacked by the Left for its slut-shaming….

After the Left called her out as a racist due to a few innocuous jokes…

Amy Schumer had to do what most celebrities do when this happens, and that’s protect her career through whatever groveling is required to prove her left-wing bonafides.

The result is almost always the groveler committing a cowardly, opportunist, and cynical act. And rather than do something useful that might actually help to decrease these mass-shootings, Amy Schumer used the occasion of a mass-shooting last month (that occurred in a theatre showing her movie “Trainwreck”) to take the cowardly, opportunist, and cynical route of calling for the federal government to get even bigger, more intrusive, and more powerful.

If Amy Schumer truly cared about the ongoing horror show of these mass-shootings, if Amy Schumer had some actual moral courage and compassion, she would use her celebrity and talent to ridicule out of existence forever these obscenely stupid “Gun-Free Zones” (where almost all of these shootings occur — including the “Trainwreck” shooting).

Gun-free zones are not only neon-lit advertisements that put giant targets on helpless sitting ducks for these mad dog killers, they are so illogical, so self-defeating, so obviously a terrible idea that the comedic gold is endless.

Amy Schumer had an opportunity to do some real good. Instead, Amy Schumer proved herself to be only an ignorant coward who took the easy way out, which just so happened to be the best route to advance her career.

UPDATE: After blocking me on Twitter, Richter kept after me, even attacking my call for the media to stop incentivizing these mass-shootings by giving these events the massive wall-to-wall coverage so many of these shooters obviously crave.

My wife says that my superpower is my ability to make people mad:

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