Robert Davi: Islam Needs Reformation and America Needs ‘No More Immigration Until Assimilation’


We need a summit with world leaders, both political and religious, televised for all to watch. The topic is crucial. It’s not global warming. It’s Islam. The summit must establish a universal and coherent reformation of the principles of Islam in the 21st century, while at the same time denouncing the violent strain of radical Islam.

Let’s stop fooling ourselves. This is what must be done. We need a summit with all the major Muslim clerics from every sect of Islam meeting together with the political leaders of the Arab, Persian, Asian, African, and Western world. At this summit a consensus should be reached establishing what Islam is. The religious leaders must clearly define the aspects of the Koran that feed the extremist inclination; if the Koran instructs people to kill infidels or anything else that is incompatible with the human rights that are the foundation of western civil society, then Muslim clerics must explain what these passages mean or how they can be reinterpreted. A new reformation must be agreed on. Unless this is done, we will eventually have a world torn apart like Kosovo.

Let me ask: Does anyone really believe that if the Muslim population were the majority in America, Christians would live in peace? This is the great deception of some on the left and right. And why is it that only a handful of Christian refugees were admitted to America? Why wasn’t there a huge outcry about this by the corrupt media and our elected officials? Middle Eastern Christians are the ones being specifically targeted and killed. But while Christians in the Middle East are being persecuted, the left is dumping immigrants into America without even demanding that those who are already here assimilate! We need a slogan: “No more immigration until assimilation!”

While some in a major city in Michigan advocate allowing mosques to issue calls to prayer over loud speakers five times a day, we are not allowed to say “Merry Christmas” in America. In England, a paid advertisement showing people saying the “Lords Prayers” was denied distribution. We not only have radical Islam as a threat. The left is even more insidious. Something is rotten in the United States, and it is coming from the left and the politburo of both parties.

The thirst the left has for immigrants is because, like vampires sucking the blood out of our republic, they want to gerrymander the whole nation and have a country of living dead. They are corrupting the electoral process. This should be an act of treason. We have an inordinate amount of immigrants that come in the dead of night, and they are not assimilating. By not demanding assimilation, we will eventually be a nation as fractured as the rest of the countries of the Middle East. It has nothing to do with “compassion,” Mr. President. It’s about what’s right for America.

And another thing: Every single Christian should demand that the left stop equating Christianity with Islam. This is part of the subversive politically correct disease that has infected modern America and the world.

Maureen Down recently called Hollywood “a sick society – like Saudi Arabia and the Catholic Church.” That comment alone deserves volumes of rebuttal, but I have not heard one pundit talk about it. To equate the Catholic Church, which reveres women and only taught me respect and reverence for women, with the treatment of women in Saudi Arabia is outrageous. Really, Ms. Dowd, shame on you! The Catholic Church has over the centuries and years continually refined it teachings. Obviously Dowd equates female genital mutilation with the Church’s pro-life stance, which is absurd and offensive. She is a shining example of how the “intellectuals” have lost their way.

Back in 2008, I was part of a documentary by Barry Levinson called Polliwood. In it, they filmed a town hall meeting with pollster Frank Luntz, myself, and other celebrities. During the meeting a few very well known Hollywood types equated radical Islam with Christianity. I challenged them all at that meeting about this. That footage never made it into the film, nor did my analysis of why it was important that Iraq remain stable. This was before the 2008 election. I bring this up again because we are at a tipping point, and we must no longer smile and pray. We must be involved.

Reformation is needed in Islam. Until this happens the world will continue on the path of condemning all Muslims. Let the definition of radical Islam be agreed upon, and let the extremists be excommunicated from Islam by the clerics denouncing radicalism.

All the bombing and all the killing will never stop until Islam defines what it is to the world. This will give the moderates cover and protection. Then we can stop this absurd denial of what it is that has hijacked a religion. If the world were serious about stopping the killing, this is what it would do. Why has no one asked for this except Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi? Sisi set the groundwork. He made the invitation to open up a dialogue for reform of Islam at peril to his life, but the world ignored him.

It’s time for straight talk and tough ideas, not the effeminate destruction of culture and society. Yes, effeminate – and that has nothing to do with whether you are male, female, gay, lesbian, or transgender. Some of my gay friends have more sense and balls then all the straight intellectual nuanced morons that got us to this point. I know women who are tougher and smarter than men. So when I say “effeminate,” it is more a way of looking at the world through a castrated lens of politically correct ideology, which is non-gender based.

I don’t care if the candidates can spout off section 5 or 10 of some bill on Capitol Hill. I don’t want someone good at memorization! I want, and America needs, someone at this particular moment in history who is straight forward, smart, tough, and isn’t afraid of going against the grain of the current politically correct elites who are killing this country.

Donald Trump, in my opinion, is the only one that has what is needed to galvanize and go against the grain of the political classes and the media elite.


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