Supermodel Chrissy Teigen Laments PC Culture: ‘No One is Allowed to Joke Anymore’


The PC culture has gotten so bad that even supermodel Chrissy Teigen has taken notice.

The 30-year-old wife of singer John Legend took to her Twitter page on Wednesday to voice her concerns that it is no longer safe to joke without facing serious blowback.

“No one is allowed to joke anymore,” she tweeted to her more than 1 million followers. “No one can have fun, or say what they think. It gets blown up into a ‘beef’ or a demand for apology.”

Teigen also went after writers, who she said “no longer have to actually think,” as they can just pull tweets instead.

Check out some of the tweets we pulled below:

A frequent tweeter, Teigen recently received some of the aforementioned blowback after she tweeted her support for Planned Parenthood and called Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump a “twat.”


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