Robert Davi: We Profiled Italians to Fight the Mafia; Why Can’t We Profile Muslims to Fight Radical Islam?


The citizens of this great nation must put President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Secretary Kerry, and indeed the rest of our leaders, on notice for putting our lives in danger.

If there’s one thing citizens should expect from their government, it’s that our leaders will protect our lives. As demonstrated again by last week’s San Bernardino terror attacks and the subsequent government response, our government does not take the threat of radical Islamic terrorism seriously.

The media pundits and networks, activist-journalists who are clouding the issues and misinforming the general public, must be held accountable. The time has come for anyone who is concerned for the safety of this nation to speak up and do so loudly.

It is time to draw a line in the sand.

My dear brothers and sisters on the Left and the Right, unless you hold your candidates and president accountable you are in collusion. What you are doing to this country is more subversive than what any communist ever committed.

Why, you ask? Because the outright deception and ignorance you display makes you an accomplice to those trying to destroy America. You care more about gun control and the political correctness of not defining radical Islam than you do protecting Americans.

President Obama and his defenders will say that he’s trying not to define these acts of terror as the work of radical Islam because he doesn’t want to alienate the rest of the Muslim world.

Does anybody truly believe this?

Not alienating the rest of the Muslim world by not referring to radical Islam is apparently the new party line being spewed by leftwing pundits on cable. Who of you believe this? To those of you on the left who do, I say how stupid, naive and ignorant are you? Leaders in the Middle East like Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi have practically cried out to the West and the rest of the Arab world asking for a reformation of Islam.

Let me remind you all of another era. There was a time when the rule of law and the safety of the American public were central tenets of leadership.

As an Italian, I know that no one cared about defining all Italians with organized crime when our government decided to crack down on the mafia. Italians were once racially profiled right here in America. Let me say that again: Italians were racially profiled here in America.

Italian-Americans understood the need for such measures, and profiling helped define a serious issue for the Italian community and separate the innocent from the guilty.

President Obama says terrorism is like a cancer. Well, one of the most important things in treating cancer is to specify exactly what kind of cancer needs to be treated. You cannot treat what you do not understand.

We must be unafraid to shine the light on radical Islam. We must define it as such, and demand that American Muslims denounce the radical aspects of their religion.

While President Obama speaks of what should be done, he refuses to define what the enemy is. The president speaks of the one billion peace-loving Muslims throughout the world who do not follow terrorists. Well, if this is so, then why are they not speaking out en masse against these evil acts being done in the name of their religion?

As for all this b.s. about avoiding anti-Islamic rhetoric, I will say it once again: Italian Americans were racially profiled, wiretapped, surveilled, and targeted by the RICO Act. Lest we forget, it worked.

The Italian “mob” wasn’t even a fraction as dangerous to national security as radical Islam, and we profiled the hell out of Italians. Those who refuse to use the same tactics to bring down an even more powerful enemy are the real racists. Those who criticize profiling potential threats in this instance are the racists with an anemic political correctness that makes them unfit to serve during wartime.

When I see Kasich, Bush, and others criticizing Donald Trump for his no-nonsense positions on national security, I must declare they are pandering to a voting bloc and do not have our country’s best interests at heart. We need a tough, smart, wartime President, not a politically correct pandering politician.

Look, I have to stop myself from writing about Donald Trump, but the simple fact is Trump is the only one who is speaking truth to power. Strength comes from being direct and having a clear point of view, not from avoiding uncomfortable realities.

We have been poisoned by the ideology of the Left — by those who say we cannot identify our own enemies. Let’s bring our nation back to being clear and direct. Moral ambiguity is not a virtue, and a nation that is seeped in it cannot survive. We can no longer accept the lies from those with subversive agendas.

We hear so many politicians try to define our American values and tell us if we do this or that we will lose them. It is absolutely American to define and attack an enemy — to profile. It is un-American to avoid profiling a dangerous enemy.

It is also American to assimilate. The always-divisive Left has taken to the most dangerous tactics of fascist regimes and is using racism as a label for those who wish to keep America safe. Instead of asking American Muslims to assimilate, as did other immigrant groups before them, they pander. Instead of giving us a cohesive strategy in our struggle to fight radical Islam, we get a speech on avoidance.

No one is condemning all of Islam; however, we are asking Muslims in America to do what the Italians did before them – to put America first. I am sure there are many Muslims who agree something must be done, and the time has come for them to unite across America and prove there is no hidden agenda.

The American people must now take back this great country. We are in need of a revolution in thinking – an American renaissance. We need a leader with vision and force of personality to undo the destruction done by both parties. We do not need another policy hack. I look at the campaign ads being put out by Bush, Rubio, Christie, Kasich, Clinton, and Cruz, and I think what a colossal waste of money. They’re as stale as the canned laughter used by sitcoms to tell viewers when to laugh. The terrorists must be watching these ads and praying for one of these candidates to be elected president.

Imagine for a moment that you’re an Islamic terrorist who wants to see this great nation destroyed. Who would you not want to see elected as the next President of the United States? Who do you think would be the most dangerous to the expansion of the caliphate in America? Which candidate do you think would be willing to do whatever it takes to protect America, while disregarding the disease that is political correctness? There is only one answer: Trump.

Unlike politicians, who are ineffectual outside of election time, Trump is a force of nature. He has come upon the political scene like a category 5 hurricane. While the political class and media are running for cover, the American people are ready and waiting.

My dear friends, be vigilant, be respectful, but profile away. Profiling only upsets the guilty, as it did with those in the mafia. Profiling only upsets the guilty as it did with those in the mafia. Law abiding Italians were in favor of the efforts to defeat the mafia because they too were subjected to the crime perpetrated by these underworld figures. And if, as we are told, radical Islamists are killing innocent Muslims along with everyone else, then the Muslim community should welcome our efforts to defeat the radicals – as I know some do. If there is backlash, then there is another agenda.

The irony of the inability of the left to define radical Islam is that it puts all of Islam in danger. Our political correctness is creating a quiet resentful anger by those in the West because it’s like living in a house where there is a murderer, but no on is allowed to say who it is. The whole house is then looked on suspiciously instead of just isolating the radicals.

We must shout the truth from the highest mountaintops, we must shine a light on the Fourth Estate and their un-American propaganda, and we must put our leaders on notice.


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