Davi: Trump vs. Hillary: Merry Christmas or May the Force Be With You? The Battle for the Soul of America


My dear Fellow Americans, Iowans, and evangelicals: You must wake up out of your slumbering malaise and take responsibility for your part in dismantling America. You have accountability in being asleep at the voting booth. The country is being run into the ground. We are electing the leader of the free world, not a pope.

While I love sports, I do not spend hours watching sporting events, movies, or television. While entertaining, they have now become the opium of the clueless and misinformed masses. I am a political junky – I have been for years because it matters. I watch all the shows and read as much as I can. I find it fascinating.

I learned about the manipulation of the media by being in film and television for the past 35 years. The up close and personal education I received in how perception is shaped and sculpted was eye-opening to say the least. It’s all a sham. Sometimes the most talented do not get their due, but those who have the correct groupthink, money, politics, and alliances do. Folks get together in a room and decide who, how, and what they are going to promote. Just look at some of the organizations folks in entertainment back, and you can see that they can consult and decide on an agenda. You can see it is all about alliances and friendships that go way back. The caste system is alive and well not only in Hollywood, but especially in politics.

I watched the Democratic debate the other night. I am open-minded. I am not in lockstep with anyone, and I must tell you if better ideas for America come from the left, then so be it. So I listen and make my assessments.

If I were to give you a state of the union address it would start like this: Our once great country is crumbling. We have lied and deceived the American people. We have pursued the interests not of all Americans, but only of special interests. We have fractured our society and lied in manipulating you into thinking we are moving forward. Day after day our values are being rerouted. Imagine an asteroid that is on a collision course with the earth, but the attempts to thwart it only draw it closer. We are moving toward oblivion.

We are witnessing the godless secularization of America. We have given rise to a generation of Edmund’s from King Lear where the prayer is now: “Thou, nature, art my goddess.” We no longer are allowed to say “Merry Christmas.” On the eve of Christmas week, we have Democrat presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton not closing the Democrat debate with “God bless America” or “Merry Christmas.” No, instead she says, “May the Force be with you.” You can laugh this off as just a pop culture reference to the new Star Wars movie. But ask yourself, can you even imagine her closing by saying “Merry Christmas” or “God bless America”?

You are also hearing the deliberate unjustified attacks on Donald Trump from both the left and right. The hypocrisy is running rampant. You see, Trump is the last defense America has from secularism and the left’s gerrymandering of elections. This is causing epileptic seizures in politics and media. Trump stands solely for America’s survival. Think a moment of his sacrifice. Trump has put more on the line than any other politician, and yet no one is even giving him credit for this. He has seized the American dream. He knows it is being squandered by the incompetent in our government.

From his very first speech announcing his candidacy, he has given voice to what many have thought but were too afraid to say. He believes what he tells the American people. It’s not Trump who Americans have to fear, as some have suggested. No, it’s the creeping leprosy of political correctness and the mismanagement of a bloated government that we should fear. Trump has shaken the political process to its roots, and the pundits are confused and in a panic. I watch how dishonest they are being to him, and it is quite revealing. At the same time he exposes the rest of the presidential field as play-acting. I watch every single politician with their practiced tilt of the head, the practiced smile, the feigned sincerity and outrage. Every single one of the politicians on the left and right remind me of the time I went to Disneyland for the first time as a kid and saw historical figures as robotic characters speaking and addressing the audience. Sterile, programmed, and inauthentic. Every one of them are sincerely politicians. And the media for the most part are as programmed.

The left are accusing Donald Trump of fear mongering. Well, it is the left that is doing so. Trump is trying to wake Americans up to what we have all seen happening to our nation – the erosion of values. Hillary said Saturday that ISIS is using what Donald Trump said in their recruiting videos. This is one of the most irresponsible statements ever made by a politician. We all know that Hillary didn’t mislead the American people about Benghazi saying it was a video that caused the death of our ambassador. We all know this, am I right? But it is Trump who is being accused of being a bigot or a liar by some who say his wanting to protect America is not what our country stands for. It is amazing to me that the left and Hillary can pass gas in the face of the American people, and the media and Hollywood take in a deep sniff and tell the rest of us how sweet it is. We get dished a load of b.s., and the media salivates and tells us to eat it up like a Gordon Ramsey 10 course gourmet meal.

ISIS is recruiting because America no longer stands for anything. ISIS is recruiting because it is a political ideology wrapped in a religion. This is what ISIS does to Christians: this video [warning: extreme graphic violence]. This is how they recruit.

The left wants you to believe that the Muslim world is upset with America and that is why terrorists rise up. Consider this fact: Iraq used to have over a million and a half Christians. Today there are barely 200,000 after all the persecution. What did Iraqi Christians do to the Muslims? There are many ignorant people on the left who believe America is the cause of the Middle East’s problems, but they are wrong. If it’s all America’s fault, then why are Christians who have lived in Iraq since the beginning of Christianity being killed? They were there before Islam, were they not? The same can be said about Jews in Israel. Before a certain religion came into the world, we hadn’t seen this kind of thing before. Ask a Hindu from India what they think.

Besides the deceivers on the left we have those on the right who also sell America down the tubes – just look at the absurd Congress. I find it an “inconvenient truth” to see how Jeb Bush has now woken up and is attacking Trump. We know that the Clintons and Bush family have a strong bond, and I am sure that as Jeb continues to falter he will set himself on fire to attack Trump. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if both he and Hillary have a winking nod going on. It makes sense. If I were in their shoes that’s what I’d be doing. Jeb reminds me of a kid who is just a mediocre player, but his parents have bought the team uniforms so he has to get play time. Even when Trump is right about something (and that has been often), pundits get a lump in their throats when they have to admit to his being correct. Just from watching the coverage, we can see those who are totally biased against him and have been since he first announced his candidacy.

Trump is an authentic and unique individual. The great actor Marlon Brando, who I did a film with, said about acting that he wanted “to do it the way it’s never been done before.” This is what Trump has done with politics. He is a trailblazer. What Picasso did to art, Trump is doing to politics. He is reshaping the political discourse in America. Other candidates who are too spineless to have initially broached certain subjects are now chiming in after Trump paved the way. They’re just standing in the shadow cast by Trump’s large presence, as he is continually denigrated by the media and taking all the incoming shots. Most major discussions are being framed by Trump and co-opted by others. Even Trump’s talking point about wanting to find today’s Patton or those generals that have the tough brashness to be warriors is being co-opted by unelectable candidates.

Trump, however, is electable. He can win. Despite all the money being spent to attack him, he strides like a Colossus. While I recently got my metro sexual pedicure at the local salon filled with women – yes, Bruce Jenner isn’t the only one who isn’t afraid of his feminine side – I can’t tell you how many women whispered to me that they are for Trump.

The left, right, and media have made it seem un-American to want to protect America. How absurd is this? Trump like Picasso is showing us exactly how distorted our society has become. Even Cameron in Britain panders to this leftwing narrative – as his country is gasping its last century of breath before it too becomes an Islamic state and the voting populace ushers in sharia. Nothing Trump has said or suggests is un-American. In fact, on the contrary, it is more American. To throw an election by importing an electorate that is encouraged not to assimilate is un-American and subversive. And yet we have let it happen since 1965. Recently, we learned that a broken pipe casing from an underground natural gas well has caused a massive natural gas leak in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley. The foundation of gas lines in that region have decayed, and we are left with a disaster that even Bobby Kennedy, Jr. has said is one of the worst ever. This mirrors our current immigration problem.

I recently filmed in Moscow for a month. Russia has become a Judeo-Christian nation. How Interesting. I suspect the acceptance of gays and lesbians will eventually take place in Russia, and hope this is so. What I was stunned to see was the churches and synagogues. Russia appeared to me in some ways more like America used to be, and America is appearing more like the Soviet Union. When Hillary talked of the “reset button” with Russia and the Obama administration made it appear that they were buddy-buddy with Putin, we now know that they were being played and manipulated. Or who really knows what the gambit is. What we do know is that we have a deal with Iran. Now that to me seems like a huge recruitment video for ISIS, but do any of these media pundits bring up this fact when Trump is falsely attacked for being a recruitment tool for ISIS? And now as Trump is showing that he has restraint and diplomacy regarding Putin, the media is attacking him about that! And the media is all of the sudden bringing up unsavory things about Putin that they never mentioned while Hillary and Obama were pressing that “reset button.” In fact, the media applauded Hillary and Obama for reaching out to Putin.

We have more political correctness in America then ever before, and yet it is engendering more hostility than ever before. It’s this elite stupidity that is destroying our nation.

So, my dear primary state voters, I fear this may be the last chance for America. I would like to see a crushing landslide in favor of America. Be very prudent in choosing your candidate. There is a 19th century treatise on acting called “Masks or Faces,” which discusses how actors convey emotional truth. Trump is honest – he is a face. He speaks from the depths of his being – albeit sometimes colorfully. The rest remind me of the people pleasers that reek of inauthenticity. The political class has worn a mask for so long that it now has become part of their skin.


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