Comedian Eddie Griffin: Cosby Allegations ‘Systematic Effort’ to Destroy Black Male Entertainers

Ric Francis/AP Photo
Ric Francis/AP Photo

Comedian Eddie Griffin blasted the accusers of Bill Cosby, saying in a recent interview that he believes the multiple allegations of rape and sexual assault against Cosby are part of a larger conspiracy to destroy the reputations and careers of black male entertainers.

Cosby was formally charged last week for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his Philadelphia home in 2004. The 78-year-old comedian appeared in a Pennsylvania court on Wednesday to hear the charges and was later released on $1 million bail.

But in a recent interview with hip-hop outlet VladTV, Griffin lit into what he called a “systematic effort” by media in the U.S. to tarnish the reputations of black celebrities.

“There is a systematic effort to destroy every black male entertainer’s image,” the Undercover Brother and Malcolm & Eddie star said. “They want us all to have an asterisk by our name.”

“Nobody leaves this business clean,” Griffin added. “You’re not going to die clean.”

Griffin, who said that Cosby mentored him early on in his career, also added that it was important to recognize the context in which the allegations against Cosby have been made.

“First off, you have to remember, this was in the ’70s,” he said. “The ’70s… motherf***ers all had coke spoons around their f***ing necklace. You’d go to the damn disco and they’d get the lines laid out on the table. You want to level out after a hit of cocaine, you get a Quaalude.”

“So, did he rape these b****es?” Griffin asked rhetorically. “All of them said the same thing: ‘We went to the room.’ Why would you go to the room of a known married man?”

Griffin also lamented the fact that decades of Cosby’s social work, including education initiatives in the black community and “generous” donations to colleges, were undone by the allegations. The comedian also slammed what he called the hypocrisy in the way the media and others have treated director Roman Polanski and how they’ve treated Cosby.

“Let’s talk about this little motherf***in’ white boy, who’s a known motherf***in’ pedophile, the director that escaped overseas,” Griffin said of Polanski, who fled to Paris in 1977 after pleading guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old girl, and has remained in Europe since. “I don’t see them f***ing with that motherf***er. He’s back at work.”

Check out Griffin’s complete comments about Cosby in the video above.



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