Feminist Amy Schumer Accused of Stealing Jokes from Female Comics


Days after she publicly humiliated a 17-year-old film critic over a playful joke he told at her expense on Twitter, self-avowed feminist comedian Amy Schumer has been accused of stealing the jokes of her female peers.

Female comics Wendy Liebman, Kathleen Madigan, and Tammy Pescatelli all took to Twitter over the weekend to call out the Comedy Central star after they noticed their jokes began showing up in Schumer bits.

While the ladies’ entire Twitter exchange has since been deleted, it was documented by people with watchful eyes at The Daily Mail and fashion website Refinery29.

According tweets collected by Refinery29, Liebman initiated a conversation about Schumer’s material on Saturday, writing, “Between Amy Schumer doing 1 of my best jokes on her HBO special and this meme of my joke, I’m done with social media.”

Comedian Chuck Martin then entered the conversation and suggested Liebman take her grievances to Madigan, who had also apparently heard familiar lines while watching Schumer.

Pescatelli then unloaded: “What has always been amazing to me is that she purports to be a feminist and yet only steals from other female comedians. If we call her on it we are ‘jealous’ or career shamed. Be successful. WE want you to do well, just do it will (sic) your own material. BTW she blocked me.”

Pescatelli also shared a number of examples of Schumer’s alleged joke stealing, including the following two videos.

The first video shared by Pescatelli shows an old Madigan stand-up bit in which she jokes that Oprah Winfrey is so wealthy, she can afford to stay physically fit by paying someone to slap food out of her hands (skip to 3:30 for the joke).


The second video is an Inside Amy Schumer bit in which the comedian and cousin to Sen. Chuck Schumer pitches an ad for a chef who not only cooks food for dieters, but slaps it out of their hands to keep them honest.

“So many more but nobody listens…at least Cosby knocked his victims out b4 he raped them,” Pescatelli wrote.

After being tagged in the conversation, Madigan wrote, “Wow. finally. get ready for a s—t storm,” and then shared a compilation video of alleged Schumer joke stealing:


Earlier this week, Jackson Murphy, 17, shared an image he had taken with Schumer on Twitter at the Critics’ Choice Awards.

“Spent the night with Amy Schumer,” the teen playfully wrote. “Certainly not the first guy to write that.”

Schumer, whose comedy is known for its raunch, responded with, “I get it. Cause I’m a whore? Glad I took a photo with you.”

In one of two apologies, Murphy responded: “I truly apologize. Thought you’d like the joke. I should leave the comedy to you! Thanks for the photo. Glad you won last night!”


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