Davi: Trump Is a Heavyweight Contender in a Title Fight with a Biased Judge

Carlos Osorio/AP Photo
Carlos Osorio/AP Photo

My dear fellow Americans, here’s my take on Donald Trump’s decision not to attend the Fox News debate and the subsequent storm it’s stirred up.

Trump is way ahead in most polls. So far judging from the polls, he is the main contender and the rest are challengers. The rest of the candidates are nice, but just okay as far as I am concerned. I hear them spew forth the same tired thinking that has put America in decline. None of them as far as I am concerned could hold a candle to what Trump could possibly do for this country of ours.

Imagine if this were a heavyweight title fight and Trump was ranked way ahead of all the others and considered the main contender. Well, he would get to pick his opponent. Okay, I hear you say, “But this is for the Presidency of the United States, and no one is crowned yet!” Well then, that’s even more reason that perhaps something should be done differently. So, let’s just imagine that this is a heavyweight title fight and that one of the judges is clearly biased against the main contender. While the judge is a wonderful person and perhaps well liked, it has been shown that the judge does not like the main contender and clearly holds a gleeful bias. Obviously, we all must agree that a lot is at stake. If a judge or referee holds a public bias, do you think it’s fair for them to officiate over a bout?

And, by the way, in a championship fight there are tons of negotiations that go on before the match. You may wonder how I know this. Well, my cousin Richie Giachetti managed and trained Larry Holmes to the championship. Richie brought Don King into the boxing business. He trained Mike Tyson, Earnie Shavers, and Buster Douglas. I know the underbelly of boxing, and believe me there are a lot of things happening behind the scenes. I was up close and personal on a lot of the inside negotiations, and it is intense. Even the opponents are carefully chosen.

But let’s get back to my boxing analogy in regards to the GOP debate. We must also remember that since he stepped into the ring and after six bouts (i.e. six debates), Trump stands as King of the Hill. With all due respect to the others, should the front-runner who is responsible for the biggest gate or ratings in the history of the fights not be given respect?

Remember how Muhammad Ali confounded and frustrated his opponents? Well, The Donald has “rope a doped” the whole field, and they resent him for it. I can smell the jealousy. So anytime they can attack him they do, but this is because they all operate on the most mundane kind of thinking. The attack Cruz and the rest of the bantamweights thrust at Trump further illustrate how he operates on a whole other level, and as far as I am concerned I want that kind of thinking protecting and fighting for the American people. That is the heavyweight I want in the ring for America.

So far we have had a handful of debates in which Donald Trump has remained the front-runner in spite of the blitzkrieg of criticism directed against him. I must be honest and say that, though I like Megyn Kelly, I do think she holds a very unfavorable attitude toward Trump that was displayed during the last Fox debate and during her shows. It was the sort of Candy Crowley-type bias that Romney faced during his 2012 CNN presidential debate. Some on Fox show a positive or neutral attitude toward Trump, so this is more a personal issue rather than one of a network’s culture.

On top of all this, there is also the glaring fact there are too many folks on the debate stage. There are too many challengers that are not ranking high enough to be considered for debates. I believe it should have been weeded down more by this time so that the candidates can have a deeper and more meaningful dialogue about issues and not, as we have witnessed, engage in a cacophony of noise with only flashes of clarity.

So, now we have Donald Trump continuing to go where no candidate has gone before. Trump will not participate in this next debate. It is his prerogative to debate or not. It takes balls and principles to do what he has done. And like the piranhas that they are, some of the candidates are in a feeding frenzy over this and are taking obvious jabs at Trump. The problem is none of them has the knockout punch needed to win a general election or the understanding of what needs to be done to make America great again.


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