DAVI: It’s Time for Trump to Take The Lumps Out

BETHPAGE, NEW YORK - APRIL 06: Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally on April 6, 2016 in Bethpage, New York. The rally comes ahead of the April 15 New York primary. (Photo by Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images)
Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images

Dear Fellow Americans, I have a few things I wish to get off my chest, my mind, my heart, my gut, my gall.

I wish I had a talk show so I could daily correct the misinformation and slander I see put forward. Most of the assholes in media do not know how to connect dots. They don’t remember, or perhaps they choose not to remember, certain things and with others they leap to false conclusions. They all choose what the talking points will be. This will not only be an analysis of media, punditry and corrupt party politics, but also how Donald Trump can become a better candidate.

Let me first start with the known declaration by the GOP establishment to deny Donald Trump the nomination at all costs. Just take a look at the smirk on Reince Priebus’s face when the subject is broached. With the whole apparatus on the attack, it is a wonder Trump is doing as well as he is. Now, add to this the coverage by pundits. They scrutinize at the behest of the establishment in order to do everything to take Trump down.

In contrast, let’s take Lyin’ Ted Cruz, who keeps attacking Trump for giving money to Democrats in political campaigns. As a businessman in New York City, Trump has said he has given to both the GOP and DNC, did he not? Well, none of you in the media have really come to Trump’s defense in this — and you should. I recently did my own Google search: All corporations and businesses do the same. It is common practice.This should be stated by the media to neuter this attack on Trump, but instead, they let it take hold. Corrupt.

Next, let’s discuss Michelle Fields. I understand the narrative of the poor female shoved in the crowd. Look, abuse of women is wrong. My younger sister was killed at the hands of an ex-boyfriend, and with three daughters, it is a concern of mine. But, when girls want to be in the Boy Scouts, when women wish to go into battle and become Navy Seals, when females want to compete as males, when the feminists have declared war on men, we must admit we live in a different time. The double standard is in full swing. I have been on movie sets where a straight female star gave a hug to a wardrobe girl and the company was sued for sexual harassment. Not everyone is innocent. Yes, not even women sometimes. The only question in this incident is Corey Lewandowski saying he never touched her. Now, based off her statement about “almost falling” down, this could have been a mistake on his part in who she was, knowing that he hadn’t had that kind of encounter. I know of people who cause incidents so they can sue. I am not saying this incident was handled with as much grace as it should have been — but it was totally blown out of proportion by for one reason only: to destroy Trump. This, remember, is the game plan. This is the sole objective.

Let me now go to a different issue: Cruz’s “New York values” statement. Trump ably defended himself on this, but I would have gone much further. I will be brutally honest: For years, “New York Liberal values ” was attributed by some as “those New York liberal Jews.” Yes, I said it. I have heard it from different people my whole life. Cruz saying this was a sort of cloaked message in Iowa. If you do not think so, you’re being dishonest. But few pundits have picked up on this or his” anointment” by Glenn Beck. Lest you forget, Glenn Beck is the John the Baptist for Cruz’s Christ. If it were Trump,there would have been an outcry about anti-Semitism. But Cruz gets a pass and goes to Brooklyn and makes matzo, his Dukakis moment.

Next, let me bring up how Trump’s words have been distorted over, and over, and over again. Friends, this is all part of the media’s instructions to “get Trump.” He had initially confounded them in interviews and coverage making the most seasoned talking head seem lost. Well, eventually those offended will viciously strike back whenever they can. And with his honesty, Donald has made this easy for them. If there is a small piece of advice to offer him, it’s this: Don’t be so transparent. You see, while a lot of us appreciate the brashness and honesty, it is deemed by some to be beneath the office of the Presidency. We want our presidents to be elegant, duplicitous liars. We have come to expect this from our political class. The politburo does not want transparency. They want deceit and they want comfort food for the American people so they can continue to be boiled alive like frogs. We have begged for politicians that will be transparent, and now we have one, and he is letting the American people in on a corrupt process, the elite panic.

Let me say this to my mishpacha: I believe if we can ever achieve peace in Israel, it is Trump who may be able to broker the deal. The attacks he has gotten for saying the term “Palestine” are unwarranted. Do any of you phony pundits and Cruz bots think for one second Trump isn’t a friend to the Jewish people? I would need 2,000 words to explain the strategy and subtlety of his words on this and what he was trying to set forward.

Next, let me discuss Megyn Kelly, who fired the first missile on the “war on women.” While it does irk me to see this continual conflict between them, Trump in a strange way is the voice for the majority that has been drugged with political elitism, and the media is the pusher man, mainlining heroin into the veins of Americans. Trump has exposed like no other to what has been rotting our country. For over 20 years, he watched our nation as it is destroyed. Trump remembers what our country was like. Cruz does not have that reference point. Cruz was in Canada when Trump was building in the USA. Cruz is a globalist. America does not need this any longer.

What I wish to say to Mr. Trump is this: I believe America is ill and she needs a father at this particular time. I have said this before: take a look at Donald Trump’s children. Mr. Trump, if you could make one adjustment, it would be to think each day to cherish America like you do your children who are exemplary examples. If, God forbid, if your daughter Ivanka and wife Melania were ill, you would assemble the best there is and make sure everything is being done to ensure their health. You must bring this into your campaign to disarm the corrupters. We, your supporters, know you do. We also know the battles you are waging. Those who wish to wrangle the presidency from you will do everything in their power to deny America her pick.

You have the deal. It is within your grasp to close it. In the name of your dear father Fred Trump: “Take the lumps out, son!”


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