SNL White Knights for Hillary: ‘No One Is Trying to Take Your Guns Away’


During the May 21 “Weekend Update” on Saturday Night Live, hosts Michael Che and Colin Jost mocked Donald Trump for claiming Hillary Clinton wants to “abolish the Second Amendment.”

Che pointed to Trump’s speech at Friday’s NRA Leadership Forum, in which Trump said Hillary wants to “abolish the Second Amendment.”  Che rejected Trump’s claim, instead intimating that Hillary simply wants to put more and more gun controls in place for law-abiding citizens.

Che said:

During a speech to the NRA Trump claimed that Hillary Clinton would “abolish the Second Amendment,” which is just not true. Look, NRA, no one is trying to take your guns away from you. We understand how much you need them for the apocalypse, and your daughter’s wedding, and to fry bacon on. Look, it’s easy for me to say because I’m from big, fancy New York City and I never have to musket a possum in the face for supper, but I assure you nobody is trying to take your precious guns away from you–except maybe a curious toddler, which, ironically, is exactly why Hillary Clinton is trying to prevent this.

In the real world, Clinton supports taking an entire politically-constructed category of guns away from Americans via an “assault weapons” ban. Moreover, on October 16 Breitbart News reported that Clinton spoke favorably of an even larger confiscation modeled after Australia’s 1996 gun confiscation mandate. She said Australia’s gun ban was “worth looking at” for gun policy in the U.S.

More recently–on May 10–Clinton spokesman Josh Schwerin tried to dismiss a Trump speech on Clinton’s gun control machinations by suggesting she does not want an all-out repeal of the Second Amendment. Rather, she wants to reverse the Supreme Court’s Heller decision, thereby re-opening the door for cities and states to enact gun bans and other controls. Huffington Post quoted Schwerin saying, “Of course Hillary Clinton does not want to repeal the Second Amendment.” But he stressed that she “believes Heller was wrongly decided in that cities and states should have the power to craft common sense laws to keep their residents safe.”

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