Davi: Trump, America First — Hillary, America Deceived

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My Dear Fellow Americans,

Hillary Clinton’s speech on defense and attacks on Donald Trump are everything one expects and has come to expect from the mouths of the Progressive Left. They are the masters of deceit that J. Edgar Hoover once spoke of and warned about. The tone of the speech she gave today is exactly what was used against Ronald Reagan, almost to a tee.

Reagan once asked this question:

It might be well if you ask yourself, are you better off than you were four years ago?” If so, he said, vote for four more years of Carter; if not, “I could suggest another choice that you have.”

The truth is, under Hillary Clinton and her party, America has never been weaker. She once again has made rhetoric an opiate to deaden her own ineptitude. Under her party, America has never been in more danger. I hear some pundits refer to Trump as a “demagogue.” The irony is the whole of the progressive party is just that.

Let me say this: a Trump presidency will build more bridges than walls, and given the opportunity, he will unite America like we have not seen in decades. You see, we have been manipulated by the media; how they frame a story; what they choose to report or not report; who their media darlings are; how we look at the world. In a word  — Culture.

The majority in media are theorists — intellectual elites that have never, for the most part, been initiated into  the world of practicality. I remember when I was a young boy and first discovered that when you look at a picture of a cube and blink your eyes, your perception of that cube can change; a new perspective, discovered. When the public first looked at a Picasso or listened to Beethoven for the first time, the critics , the media were for the most part outraged and did not see the earth-shattering shift about to take place in those art forms. Well, politics is the ultimate art form. Its aesthetic is the effect it has on the lives of citizens around the world.

The world theater is corrupt and misguided. For years, as many of you have, I have sat back and watched the hypocrisy. I was powerless to affect any real change — the system is so rigged that even knowing the agenda that has been thrust on us as Americans, it seemed hopeless. We were on a runaway train to the end of the line for America.

Until like a Deus ex Machina, Citizen Trump, enters the political scene and strides it like a Colossus! He levels 17 competent career politicians, with less money, less pandering and more authentic masculine energy then any politician since Eisenhower and Reagan. He brings in more votes, creates more enthusiasm and has a very detailed and bold vision for America. He projects confidence and strength, but the metrosexually castrated elite press does not embrace a man of action, a fearless individual who does not care to pander but lives on principle. Instead, they continue to denigrate and try to find any reason to chip away at the integrity of Donald Trump.

The other night on Megyn Kelly, the discussion centered on Donald Trump calling out the judge he felt was being unfair to him in his civil case. If Ms. Kelly does not think a judge could possibly act in a biased way, I ask: What world does she live in? Blacks and Italians were treated unfairly, as were others. Do you really not think hypocrisy may exist in the courts of America based on political affiliations? It seems only you and Ben Shapiro do not. Especially someone like Donald Trump, who has been the first “politician” to tackle the unspoken hypocrisy in immigration, trade deals and many other of his positions on the road to the White House, while putting America FIRST before the Establishment’s party line.

Let me just say this: in my experience, intelligence is not based on the cum laudes one may get at Yale or Harvard. Some of the most incredible people did not have “cumes.” Actually, it could sometimes be a detriment, because common sense is lacking. I know the most intellectual folks who can write a brilliant book but could not screw in a lightbulb if their life depended on it. Intellect, practical knowledge, common sense, judgement, courage and heart are necessary to lead a nation.

So, here we have a man in Donald Trump, who has gotten more votes in a primary than any other Republican politician and there are those few in the GOPe who refuse to unite and support his candidacy. They were all concerned about his conservative bonafides.

To quell their skepticism, Trump provided 11 names from which he will pick for the Supreme Court. He has philosophically defined the kind of judges he would pick and received tremendous responses about them, and yet these conservatives still refuse to support him.

There is more concern in the press about “much ado about nothing” when it comes to Trump than the lies and negligence that Hillary and the current administration have perpetrated on Americans. Mr. Trump is one of the most accessible and open candidates for the presidency I can remember. I look forward to President Trump press conferences — like a Ringmaster, he wards off the vicious flesh eaters, looking to draw blood so they can all move in for a kill. They are vultures waiting to feast. Except when it comes to Hillary and the rest of the progressive failures.

Which brings me to Bill Kristol and the rest of the GOPe, who are purposely trying to hurt Trump’s presidential bid. These are the most disgusting of all the lot. You see, I do not understand why they are not unifying behind Donald Trump. If they did, the ability of Trump to unify this nation would be unprecedented! Citizen Trump does not only have to combat those trying to eat his flesh on the left; but the cannibals on the right are worse! There is something very subversive going on here.

My question is: what is their agenda? It cannot be the well-being of America and the hard-working middle class. No, their allegiance isn’t to the flag. It is to their own globalist manifesto. They do not want to unite our nation or the party. No, they want their own selfish relevancy. I contend that Donald Trump will and can unite this country unlike any other politician before him. The fearless force of nature that we see in Donald Trump will inspire a whole generation that has been taught that not only is America not exceptional, but neither are they.

Do not strive for the best. No more valedictorians, just cum laudes who could not build a grass shack if their life depended on it, let alone skyscrapers. Instead of getting the best out of our populace, they wish to castrate them further so they can eventually control the sheep for the good of the state. Donald Trump is the last of the rugged individuals that have true leadership abilities, and that scares the shit out of them all. The fear-mongering used to try and minimize Trump as a candidate is going to backfire. The inherent goodness of a man or woman is sensed by the populace. A populace that has been torn apart by special interests and political correctness.

America has never been more fractured. While Trump is accused of bigotry by some, it is the accusers who are the bigots. When Donald Trump attacks the media, he does so for the survival of America, for US, and nothing is more unifying than strong leadership and a vision to match. So instead of letting those that insidiously wish to further divide and tear down the foundation of America, let’s rally around a man who only wishes to build and unite her.


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