Fox’s ‘Making History’ Mocks Founding Fathers’ Commitment to an Armed Citizenry


A recent episode of Fox’s new show Making History paints the British redcoats as sophisticated while portraying America’s Founding Fathers as hayseeds obsessed with guns and the right to be armed.

Newsbusters published the text of one portion of Sunday night’s episode of Making History, in which Hancock, Adams, and Revere share an exchange after a provocateur named Chris warns that the British are coming to take away their guns:

Chris: This is America. Yes. Yes! The British are coming to take your guns.
Revere: I will die for my right to kill others while defending myself.
Hancock: If they take our guns, then how are we supposed to fight the people who would take our guns?!
Adams: My gun! Mine! My gun! Oh, gunny, gunny, gunny. They’ll never get you. Mwah.

A video of the segment makes clear that Adams is presented as a goofy character who talks to his gun and kisses it.

In another segment of the upcoming episode, an officer in the British army is puzzled by the number of guns colonists own and he wonders why people need so many firearms, especially since the colonists claim to own them for self-defense. Questions are raised as to whether the British could intervene by putting in place a waiting period to slow the colonial purchase of firearms.

It is interesting to note that the name of the episode in question is “The Shot Heard Round The World.” That “shot” was the sound of a colonist firing on invading British troops in April 1775, and it marked the beginning of the American Revolution. If the colonists had been unarmed–if they had not understood and held to the natural rights of an armed citizenry–they would have been overrun by the British in short order.

But the colonists were armed and, under the leadership of men who were anything but hayseed, they triumphed over a British army which was militarily superior by almost every measure.


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