‘Scandal’ Star Tony Goldwyn Applauds Planned Parenthood’s ‘Lifesaving Work’

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Scandal star Tony Goldwyn hailed what he called Planned Parenthood’s “lifesaving work” for women’s health care in an interview this week, adding that those those who oppose abortion are actually “sabotaging” their “own moral stance.”

Goldwyn, who plays the role of POTUS on the hit ABC show, wore a Planned Parenthood pin to the PaleyFest television festival in Hollywood this week. The actor says pro-life activists are wrong to think putting an end to abortion will save lives.

“There’s been a lot of disinformation about Planned Parenthood and the focus of the lifesaving work that they do for women’s health care,” the actor told Glamour magazine in an interview, adding:

“I saw a much-publicized image of all those white men sitting around in a room at the White House talking about what should be done about women’s health care, and I thought I would step up [by wearing this and speaking out]. If Planned Parenthood is defunded, millions of women, particularly women struggling economically, are going to be in serious trouble. And the truth is, there will be far more abortions performed—and unsafe ones as a result. The people that are antiabortion actually are sabotaging their own moral stance by taking this position.”

Glamour writer Jessica Radloff praised Goldwyn for his support of the abortion giant, and also cited Planned Parenthood’s already debunked “3 percent” statistic:

“As we’ve pointed out numerous times, abortion constitutes just 3 percent of Planned Parenthood’s services, and except in cases of rape, incest, or severe threat to a mother’s life, no federal money is used to fund abortion services. But cutting federal funding for PP would put access to breast exams, Pap tests, colposcopy procedures, HPV vaccines, reversible contraception procedures, pregnancy tests, STI tests, and HIV tests at risk.”

Live Action’s motion-graphics video demonstrates how the abortion chain calculates its deceptive “3 percent statistic” by dividing the number of abortions it performs by the total number of services it provides, counting a $10 pregnancy test or a package of condoms as equivalent to a $500 abortion.

“To justify its half billion dollars in taxpayer funding, Planned Parenthood downplays abortion – falsely claiming that it only makes up three percent of its business – and instead plays up its cancer screenings and so-called ‘women’s health care,’” explains Lila Rose, president of Live Action.

Rose adds:

According to its own annual reports, Planned Parenthood does less than one percent of all Pap tests in the United States, less than two percent of all clinical breast exams, zero mammograms, and virtually no prenatal care, yet it does 34.9 percent of all U.S. abortions, killing over 320,000 preborn children every year. Former Planned Parenthood managers have provided testimonials about how the abortion giant uses quotas to push cash-making abortions, doesn’t provide the health care it claims it does, and “treats women like cattle.”

In fact, when President Donald Trump offered Planned Parenthood the opportunity to keep its taxpayer funding if it would stop performing abortions, the group’s officials rejected the offer. Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards even tweeted that its abortion services were “as vital to our mission as birth control or cancer screenings.”

Pro-life activists are urging Congress and Trump to eliminate Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer funding and redirect it to other community health care centers that provide more comprehensive healthcare services than Planned Parenthood. These community facilities outnumber the abortion business’s clinics by at least 20 to 1.


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