Richard Dreyfuss: ‘Idiot’ Donald Trump ‘Lacks Simple Common Decency’

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Actor Richard Dreyfuss says he made a mistake in voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016, but that didn’t mean he had nice things to say about President Donald Trump.

In an interview Tuesday on Fox News’ Your World with Neil Cavuto, the Oscar-winning actor and star of the new FOX show Shots Fired said he did vote for Clinton “and I regret it.”

“Because Hillary is too much of a bought-and-paid-for Wall Street…” Dreyfuss explained, trailing off.

When asked about tax reform and the president’s proposed defense budget spending increases, Dreyfuss replied by calling Trump an “idiot” who should not have been elected president.

“I think he’s an idiot. I think that Donald Trump is not the one to be trusted about any of the details,” Dreyfuss said, adding that Trump is “something, like with a big funny nose.”

“Donald Trump, regardless of his party, lacks simple common decency and he should not be in the presidency,” the actor said referring to Trump’s rhetoric toward his Republican rivals during the presidential campaign.

On policy, Dreyfuss says he believes healthcare is “a right and not a privilege.” Asked if he is willing to subsidize a single-payer healthcare system, he answered, “Of course, because we talk about taxes always as if they’re such a negative thing, and sometimes there is a gesture of support of sharing that taxes are a gesture that says we are a community.”

Last year, Dreyfuss enraged his Hollywood contemporaries after a photo of him and Republican candidate Ted Cruz talking at a campaign event surfaced online.

Dreyfuss stars in the new FOX crime drama Shots Fired, which airs on Wednesday at 9:00 p.m.


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