Jackie Mason Mocks Megyn Kelly’s ‘Big’ Kardashian Interview: ‘We Already Know Them Inside Out, Literally’

In these trying times, Jackie Mason is the Voice of Reason.

In this week’s exclusive clip for Breitbart News, Jackie mercilessly mocks Megyn Kelly’s upcoming exclusive interview with the Kardashian family, which the news anchor has reportedly filmed as one of her first assignments at her new NBC job.

“Did you hear about Megyn Kelly? The broadcaster on Fox News? Did you hear that she quit the job? She quit because she was going for bigger things,” Jackie says of the anchor’s move to the new network. “She wanted to prove that she was gonna accomplish something. So now, you know who she’s got? The Kardashians! Is this a brilliant accomplishment?”

Jackie says it might be a tough interview, because there’s not much left for America to find out about the reality TV star family. Still, the comedian knows one way the interview could become a ratings hit.

“This interview is going to become a sensation, you know why? She’s going to interview her backwards,” Jackie says.

“Let’s assume it’s gonna be the best interview that ever happened, because she’s such an expert,” he adds. “What is she going to find out? Everything these is to know about them, we know already! I mean, we know them inside out… I mean, literally.”

Watch Jackie’s latest above, and find the rest of his exclusive Voice of Reason clips here.


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