Jackie Mason: The Investigators Need to Be Investigated (Exclusive Video)

In these trying times, Jackie Mason is the Voice of Reason.

Jackie’s just about had it with all these “investigations,” he explains in his latest exclusive for Breitbart News, particularly when American taxpayers are footing the multi-million dollar bills for people to sit around and investigate things simply to make themselves feel better.

“Every time Congress gets together, they’re investigating something. And every time they come to a conclusion about who’s guilty, everybody’s relieved that we finally found out the answer to the problem that we had,” Jackie explains. “We now know exactly what happened and exactly who’s guilty. And you know what happens? Nothing.”

Jackie says finding out who is guilty is Congress’s “greatest pleasure.” But then doing something about it? Not so much.

“No matter who’s found guilty of anything, the next day, you would never know there’s an investigation, because no matter what happens and no matter who’s guilty, there’s never any consequences,” he says. “What’s the purpose of an investigation if at the end of it… people say, ‘So what, that doesn’t mean we have to do something about it. Our job is to catch them, who does something about it, whose business is it, nobody knows.”

Jackie is particularly perplexed by the investigations into President Donald Trump’s alleged connections to the Russian government. The proof for all of these accusations, Jackie explains, is simply that there are more and more investigations.

“You know how they have proof? Because they studied it and they’ve made investigations. And now they’re making two more committees and two more investigations, and another investigation you’ve never heard about, and there’s a third investigation that’s coming up tomorrow, and there’s one that’s finishing next Thursday and one that’s gonna be created a week from Friday.”

“They don’t need evidence to make the accusation. They don’t need evidence to come to a conclusion,” he adds. “The conclusion is that he’s definitely guilty of a connection. In what way? They don’t know.”

It’s as if the more they investigate, the less they ultimately know, Jackie concludes.

Watch Jackie’s latest clip above.


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