Jackie Mason: If Russia Investigators Don’t Need Evidence, Neither Does Trump (Exclusive Video)

In these trying times, Jackie Mason is the Voice of Reason.

In this week’s exclusive clip for Breitbart News, Jackie explains that if Democrats investigating President Donald Trump’s alleged connections to the Russian government don’t need evidence to back up their claims, the president should just follow their lead and start his own investigation.

“What’s happening now with Trump is one of the most ridiculous things of all time,” Jackie says. “They keep accusing him of something they can’t identify, and just because they have no evidence of any kind doesn’t mean they shouldn’t make the accusation that he did something nefarious and disgusting and something so dangerous with Russia that we can’t even imagine how dangerous it is.”

“Do you have any evidence? We don’t need it. Why? Because we feel like it.”

Jackie says if that’s the way the justice system works, 300 million Americans could find themselves charged with crimes they never even thought about committing.

And not only that, but what’s to stop President Trump from opening up an investigation of his own, perhaps into the conduct of Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY)?

“If the Democrats can do it to him, why can’t he do it to Schumer?” Jackie asks. “Let’s be honest. He was really involved with the Russians, because he was involved with Hillary. And he was partners with Hillary on everything she did. He was a partner the whole campaign. So if Hillary had so many crimes that she was involved with with reference to Russia, who knows if he was not a partner?”

“So if the Democrats don’t need evidence because they have nothing to talk about, he has a much better case, because at least he has a reason,” Jackie explains.

Jackie also says he knows a way that Trump can put an end to all the speculation surrounding the Russian investigation with just one move.

Watch his latest above.


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