Nolte: Hollywood Enables Countless Sexual Predators and Still Wants to Take Women’s Guns

concealed permit (Joe Raedle/Getty Images/AFP)
Joe Raedle/Getty Images/AFP

How is it that the very same Hollywood that is, by admission, overflowing with sexual predators has just launched yet another gun control campaign meant to make it more difficult for Americans, most especially women, to obtain the most effective weapon at stopping a sexual assault — a concealed firearm.

As my colleague Ken Klukowski so elegantly put it, “Guns are the ‘great equalizer’ because they neutralize any advantage the attacker has in size, strength, or speed. The sort of person who needs a gun the least is a full-sized, able-bodied adult male. Those who benefit most from the right to carry are the elderly, the physically challenged, and women.”

Even before this sexual assault dam burst wide open through Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood’s hypocrisy on the gun control issue was bad enough. But now that we know that countless sexual predators not only roam free in Hollywood, but that the Tinseltown elite will never create a climate that allows for these monsters to be identified and brought to justice, they still think they have the moral authority to tell women to give up their guns.

Here is a detailed list, from the victims themselves, of the endless number of predators who, we must assume, are still running around free. And that is just in Hollywood, and that list is, undoubtedly, far from complete.

Overall, when it comes to gun-grabbing, there is an emerging pattern we see from the left and their enablers in the national media.

The same university culture that tells us “1 in 5 or more women are sexually assaulted while in college” also opposes gun ownership.

The same media that lie to us about law enforcement being a culture filled with racists hunting down young black men, also tell us that only law enforcement should own guns.

The same Democrats who trash police officers as racist murders also tell us that only those police officers should own guns.

And now, we have Hollywood, an industry with a horrific rape culture, unlike anything we have seen before, wanting us to give up our guns.

In the face of all this sexual assault, of all these so-called murdering racists, why do Hollywood, Democrats, and the media want us defenseless, unarmed, and at the mercy of predators?

Gee, you almost get the feeling that the left would like to see all of us become helpless victims who are incapable of taking care of ourselves and, therefore, completely dependent on the government…

Ohhhh, now I get it.

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