America Fights Back: 1 Million Cord-Cutters Freak Out Cable Industry

AP Photo/Matt Rourke
AP Photo/Matt Rourke

The only way patriotic Americans can forever destroy the likes of CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, and a whole herd of left-wing entertainment corporations is to cut the cord, meaning cancel your cable or satellite package. Thankfully, that message appears to be gaining steam; last quarter, a whopping one million patriots cut the cable cord.

As BGR reports, “Cord-cutting, or at least the speed at which people are ditching pay TV, is on track to be the biggest upset of the year.”

The reason all of this wonderful news is an “upset” is because for the longest time, some of these multinational entertainment companies were out there claiming that cord-cutting had peaked; the worst was behind them.

At the time, and for two reasons, this was patent nonsense.

1) Streaming TV is exploding. On top of Netflix, Amazon, Hulu — all three of which you can subscribe to for about one-third of the price of the average cable bill — there is an endless supply of free streaming channels that offer 24/7 news, movies, and television shows.

A couple of weeks ago, I found Pluto TV, which offers a ton of streaming live networks and works just like your cable package. Oh, and it is free.

For the price of a $50 Roku player (I have one on every TV), a whole new world of free TV opens up, endless choices. Of course, there are also subscriptions services available that are not only infinitely cheaper than cable, but unlike cable, you are not assaulted with 20 minutes of commercials every hour.

2) In this era of Breitbart News and new media, the establishment media can no longer protect themselves by protecting the rigged cable industry that supports their failing network. For example, nobody watches left-wing CNN. On average, that fake news factory cannot even attract a million viewers. If CNN had to live off of merit, meaning advertising rates based on viewership, it could not survive at anywhere near the level it does now.

The reason low-rated and loathed networks like MTV, CNN, MSNBC, and ESPN survive is due to a rigged system that forces YOU to fund these monsters through your cable bill.

You see, whether you watch these networks or not no longer matters. They get a piece of your cable bill, and we are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars per month pouring into Harveywood and the fake news media.

The ONLY way to stop YOUR money from funding those devoted to your destruction is to cut the cord.

Cable and satellite TV is the one-legged stool propping up a left-wing leviathan, and it is doing so artificially — making the worst people in the world powerful and rich, artificially — WITH YOUR MONEY.

Cord-cutting is already roiling stock prices and causing layoffs. The science is settled. We know this is the Achilles heel. But it is not enough. There are still some 80-plus million suckers funding their own destruction.

Here is my survival guide to cord-cutting.

As a cord-cutter myself, I can tell you that the process is like the aftermath of a successful surgery. At first the pain sucks. Then you realize it was the best decision you ever made — not just for your pocketbook, but for your peace of mind and your country.

Fight the power.

Spread the word.

Cut your cord … for the children.

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