Nolte: ‘X-Files’ Joins Trump-Hating NFL, Emmys, Grammys, and CNN as Ratings Casualty

X-Files Fox

The X-Files is the latest casualty to fall to its ratings death due to anti-Trump hatred.

While President Trump’s job approval is on the rise and over 50 percent approve of his economic stewardship; while his State of the Union address grabbed more television viewers than any other since 2010 and received approval ratings of 75 percent — the firehose of Trump hatred spewing from Harveywood is bringing only ratings death.

The X-Files

The latest reboot of the iconic 90’s sci-fi series The X-Files  received sparkling reviews upon its season 11 release earlier this month, primarily because the premiere episode was a super-woke attack on President Trump. The latest episode included a villain wearing a Make America Great Again hat and an alien informing Scully and Mulder that they will be building a wall to prevent us from going into space.

The alien explains, You’re not sending us your best people. You’re bringing drugs. You’re bringing crime. You’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people, but we have no choice. Believe me.”

Ratings result? The worst ever in the entire history of the series.

The Emmys

Back in September, Trump-hating host Stephen Colbert promised an all out assault against Trump at the Emmys.

Ratings result? The worst ever in the show’s 69-year history.

The Grammys

Last week the Grammys promised to deliver an all-out assault against Trump.

Ratings result? A 24 percent viewer nosedive due to 10 million fewer viewers, and an all-time low among younger viewers.


CNN has not qualified as a news outlet since 2016, as it is now seen primarily as a 24/7 Trump hate-porn cable channel.

Ratings result? In the month of January, not a single CNN program averaged enough viewers to place in the top 23. Anderson Cooper placed at 24. Only four CNN programs (barely) squeaked over a million total viewers on average throughout the entire month.

NFL Football

What was once widely seen as an American institution, one of the few remaining islands that brought the country together, has devolved into a divisive, anti-American playground for spoiled millionaires who only work 16 days a year to crybaby and Resist.

Ratings result? Disastrous.

Movie Attendance

Even as Hollywood has been exposed as a haven for sexual predators and their enablers, Hollywood has still piously devoted itself to the anti-Trump resistance, to hate and division, to attacking Trump and his supporters as Nazis and bigots.

Result? Movie attendance hit a 24-year low.

The American people are tired of the left’s politicization of absolutely everything, tired of this woke-culture where even a television super-agent breaks cover after she’s triggered by the word “darling,” tired of this unending and highly unattractive parade of uptight, joyless, humorless, judgmental, self-righteous scolds.

Margaret DumontFrank Burns, Niedermeyer, and Judge Smails used to be seen as the villains, used to be who we pointed and laughed at, and now these are the very people who, with all of their unAmerican qualities (bossy, humorless, pompous, sanctimonious, snobbish), are treated as heroes, icons, and role models. Good grief, these prigs have even managed to suck the fun out of football — football.

Nevertheless, nothing will change. It is not about the money. It is not about the ratings. And it is certainly not about truth or decency. The only thing that drives these institutions is hate for America and Americans. Those not driven by hate are driven by fear — fear of being blacklisted, shunned, and savaged should they not join the mindless hate-mob.


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