Alyssa Milano Leads Charge for Boycott of Amazon, Apple, and FedEx over NRA


Actress and left-wing activist Alyssa Milano is calling on her three million Twitter followers to boycott Amazon, Apple, and FedEx for one day, in hopes it will pressure the mega-corporations to break ties with the National Rifle Association.

“THURSDAY! We are calling for a one-day boycott of @amazon @appletv @fedex. Pass it on. Don’t shop. Don’t stream. Don’t ship. As consumers we are demanding these companies sever ties with the @NRA. #march1NRABoycott #BoycottNRA #Enough,” Milano tweeted this week.

Earlier the Charmed star tweeted to Amazon’s official Twitter handle: “Do you want to be known as a Pro-NRA company!? Because If you don’t cancel NRA TV, that’s exactly what you run the risk of becoming.”

Milano’s calls come after Marjory Stone High School student David Hogg called for his Twitter followers to boycott Amazon and FedEx entirely. The high school senior has also said he will not return to school until gun-control legislation is passed.

Boycott skeptics have noted that calling on Amazon and Apple’s streaming services to stop carrying NRA TV content amounts to censorship.

Amazon has stayed completely silent, not responding to myriad tweets calling on them to stop carrying NRA TV.

FedEx was cheered by NRA supporters when the shipping company came out on Monday and said it would not cave to pressure and ax discounts for NRA members.

While saying it disagreed with “assault rifles being in the hands of civilians,” FedEx said it would not deny service or discriminate against any legal entity regardless of their policy positions or political views.



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