Jerry Seinfeld: #MeToo ‘a Necessary Bowel Movement’ Hollywood Has to Have


Actor-comedian Jerry Seinfeld sat down with Alec Baldwin for his new ABC show Sundays with Alec Baldwin and said the #MeToo anti-sexual harassment movement feels like a “bowel movement” that needs to happen.

Jerry Seinfeld asked Baldwin, “Doesn’t this seem like a necessary bowel movement that the culture has to have?” prompting Baldwin to reply, “It’s a pretty epic bowel movement.”

Seinfeld and Baldwin discussed disgraced Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey, of whom Baldwin said it’s “sad” to watch “self-destruct.”

“It’s always so sad to watch people self-destruct. Even though they’re horrible people, some of them. Like Kevin Spacey,” Baldwin explained. “I love Kevin, but Kevin was a big fan of [Kevin]. Kevin was the president of Kevin’s fan club… Fame was so important to [Spacey]. He loved being recognized. And now, it’s the opposite… It’s going to be a death sentence for him. He’s almost going to come out of there and go, ‘Please, don’t look at me. And I don’t want you to remember me.’ It’s going to be very, very ugly for him now.”

Baldwin’s hour-long show, which sees the Saturday Night Live Donald Trump impersonator, debuted to lackluster reviews.

USA Today called the first episode “a slapdash affair.”

A Media Research Center review described Alec Baldwin’s show as a “snooze-fest,” criticizing the star’s “victim blaming,” and adding, “The less Baldwin talks without a script the better.”

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