‘Will & Grace’ MAGA Cake Episode: Mike Pence Is Gay, Conservatives Are Nazis


Thursday’s episode of Will & Grace saw a local baker refuse to bake a “Make America Great Again” cake, jokes about Vice President Mike Pence’s sexuality, and conservatives cast as Hitler-loving Nazis.

The ripped from the headlines episode, title, “The Beefcake and the Cake Beef,” sees conservative caricature  Karen Walker (Megan Mullally) ask a local baker, Amy, to make a cake that Karen wants to bring to a birthday party she’s throwing for President Donald Trump. When the baker reveals her personal problems, Karen says, “Okay, honey, honey. People like me don’t care about the problems of the white working class. That was just to win the election.”

Amy refuses to make the cake, two which Karen replies, “You’re refusing to make a cake because you don’t like what it says?” The plot here is a rift on Masterpiece Cake Shop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission case, in which a Christian baker declined to bake a cake for a gay wedding on religious grounds.

Enter Grace (Debra Messing), who was ready to leave work and “rip someone a new donut hole” to defend Karen because she thought the fuss was over “a gay wedding cake.”

“She’s on her own,” Grace says of Karan after her co-worker Tony (Anthony Ramos) explains to her that Karen wanted a “Make America Great Again” cake.

After her worldview is challenged by Tony, Grace helps convince the baker to make the MAGA birthday cake. Amy agrees to make it with an “extra touch.”

That “extra touch” was to add an “I” and a “Y,” which spells “I’m a Gay” instead of MAGA.

“That says ‘I’m a gay.’ How dare you come out on my cake?” Karen said.

“Okay, so you added an ‘I’ and a ‘Y.’ Very clever. But this isn’t for the vice president,” Grace said, an obvious slur against Mike Pence.

A fight ensues and ends with Grace face-planting the cake. When she returns to the bakery to pick up a new cake, a customer walks in and notices that the swastika on his cake is “a little off-center.”

The man turns to Grace and says, “Oh, is this for the birthday party? I’ll see you there.” referring to Karen’s birthday party for President Trump, which apparently will be attended by pro-Nazi partygoers.

“Why are the hot ones always gay or Nazis?” Grace says, in one last dig on conservatives.

After an 11-year hiatus, the highly-anticipated TV return of Will & Grace last September was slammed by several fans of the NBC sitcom as being “too political.”

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