Amy Schumer: NRA-Backed Reps ‘Digging Their Constituents’ Graves

Actress/comedian Amy Schumer introduces Cinema Icon Award winner Goldie Hawn (not pictured
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Actress and comedienne Amy Schumer exclaimed that the National Rifle Association and the politicians who work with it are “digging the graves” of their own supporters as she headlined the Los Angels “March for Our Lives” on Saturday.

Schumer unleashed a wave of hate and invective against anyone who disagrees with her strict anti-Second Amendment position calling those who support the Constitution a bunch of child murderers and insisting that politicians who work with the NRA think campaign donations are more important than the lives of children.

“Thank you students and everyone here for standing up and saying no more,” Schumer said during her March 24 comments to those gathered for the march. “Because we know its hard and we know they will twist our words and laugh at us, and lie, and lie, and lie, and lie, and lie.”

“How do they sleep at night?” she asked.

Schumer then exclaimed that anyone who supports the Second Amendment is “killing children”:

You are killing children, and they call people like me “Hollywood liberals,” like there’s something in it for us. Well, what’s in it for us is knowing we’re doing out part t keep our children alive.

The Snatched actress then cried that being anti-gun puts a “literal target” on her back:

Speaking up about this puts literal targets on our backs, and for sick bullying and lies about us, and it narrows the people who will support our work. We sell half as many tickets because we’re standing up for what is right.

And, you see that politicians? You can make a little less money and be able to look at yourself in the mirror with no blood on your hands. We are fighting for the survival of innocent victims, but your too busy counting money and hating anyone who disagrees with you to realize that you are digging the graves of the people that you are sworn to protect.

There are plenty of NRA members and gun owners who want sensible gun laws. I applaud them, and I stand with them. I’m not talking to you. I’m talking to the ones who ignore the halls of the schools filling with blood and tears, and pictures of the children who should still be with us.

The Hollywood Reporter noted that actors Yara Shahidi, Connie Britton, Olivia Wilde, and Skai Jackson were also set to speak at the march. The group of stars were to be joined by “L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti; students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School; Rebecca Mieliwocki, the 2012 National Teacher of the Year; and William LeGate, the 23-year-old entrepreneur who is one of the leaders of the #BoycottNRA movement on Twitter.”

Schumer is the cousin of New York’s Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer, a leading gun-control proponent in the U.S. Senate. The actress has supported gun control is a myriad of ways. In 2015, the comedienne appeared in a Saturday Night Live sketch that viciously mocked women and families who use guns for sport and self-defense. Schumer mocked gun owners once again in a 2016 skit on her Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer. But one of her most recent comedy specials was slammed with one-star ratings with one commenter ripping the show saying, “I’ve had migraines that were funnier.”

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