Climate of Hate: Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Melania Trump’s Accent

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel speaks during the taping of Idol Gives Back held at the Kodak
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Jimmy Kimmel let his hatred of the Trump family pour forth Monday night by mocking First Lady Melania Trump’s accent.

Although she is now an American citizen, the first lady was born in Slovenia and did not move to the United States until she was in her mid-20s. It only makes sense that she would retain her accent, but Kimmel still finds it worth mocking.

During his monologue, the far-left Kimmel went after the president and first lady over the annual White House Easter egg roll.

“Trump heard ‘egg roll’ and promised to make the Chinese pay for it,” Kimmel snarked.

Kimmel even used computer graphics to have Stormy Daniels show up at the family gathering and refused to believe Melania has anything to do with planning the event.

After playing video of the president praising his wife’s work in planning the day, Kimmel said, “Not a chance she did one thing the help set that up. The only thing she’s been working on is an escape tunnel.”

“No White House Easter celebration would be complete without story time with our first lady,” Kimmel said before playing a clip of our first lady reading a children’s book to the assembled youngsters.

“Be clever and curious, just like a cat,” Melania reads, “Ask lots of questions. about this and that.”

Kimmel returns laughing along with his audience at the first lady’s accent and then he does his own impression, “Yeah, about dees and dat.”

Kimmel then turned to his Mexican sidekick and said, “Guillermo, you know what this means, you could be first lady of the United States.”

Kimmel went back to video of Melania reading so the audience could laugh some more at her accent.

Kimmel then said how strange it was that a book written by Vice President’s Mike Pence’s daughter about a bunny was not the one chosen. “They went with dees and dat instead,” Kimmel said.

Obviously, mocking anyone else’s foreign accent would result in Kimmel being fired. But Republicans and Christians, most especially women (who the left see as apostates that must be destroyed), remain the only group left in America that can be openly mocked and humiliated.


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