HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Admits Tech World’s Anti-Christian Bigotry: ‘the One Thing You Cannot Be Is a Christian’


The latest episode of HBO’s “Silicon Valley” launches a full-fledged attack on Christians as “the source of the majority of the world’s problems,” and admits that being open about your Christian faith is the worst thing one can do in the Tech World.

Sunday’s episode, “Tech Evangelist,” sees web developer DD left furious after being outed by series regular Richard as “very gay and also a Christian,” while making a proposal to fellow tech leaders. An admission of faith in Christ, we learn, is absolutely unacceptable in Silicon Valley.

“You can be openly polyamorous and people here will call you brave,” Jared tells his colleague Richard. “You can put microdoses of LSD in your cereal and people will call you a pioneer. But the one thing you cannot be is a Christian.”

“I find their theology to be illegitimate, and it’s clear that they are the source of the majority of the world’s problems,” adds Gilfoyle. “But, fuck, Richard, even I wouldn’t just… out a Christian like that.”

Richard is then blasted by his colleague Monica, who claims that the other side are now “considering blowing up the deal” as being Christian “freaks people out in the Valley.”

Jared also urges Richard to “cut all ties” with Deedee to send a “strong message” that he is serious about purging all aspects of Christianity from their Internet company.

DD, who remains shocked by his outing, muses the following day that his parents may never talk to him again because of his religious beliefs.

“Gossip travels so fast in the Valley. I’ll be lucky if my parents ever talk to me again,” DD says. “My dad says my lifestyle makes him sick. He just wants his gay son back.”

The episode brings light to the pervasive left-wing, anti-Christian culture running across the tech industry and parts of Hollywood where Christian teachings are shunned in favor of progressive values on issues such as homosexuality, abortion, and the nuclear family.

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