Kanye West Meets With Conservative Activists Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens


Rap superstar Kanye West was spotted hanging out with conservative activists Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk in Los Angeles on Sunday, as his interest in the conservative movement appears to grow.

The meeting comes a week after West praised Owens for her free thinking, before also expressing his admiration for Donald Trump and dislike for leftist mob mentality.


“I love the way Candace Owens thinks,” West tweeted,’ before adding: “Only free thinkers.”

Owens, who is a 28-year-old African-American, gained popularity for her stinging critiques of the Black Lives Matter movement and the concept of white guilt, and has criticized people who “are focused on their past and shouting about slavery” while others are “focused on the future.”

She was recently appointed by Kirk as the communications director for Turning Point USA, an organization he founded to “educate students about true free market values.”

Owens responded to the tweet by asking West to set up a meeting to help her “wake up the black community” over their political outlook.

‘I’m freaking out. @kanyewest …. please take a meeting with me,” she wrote. “I tell every single person that everything that I have been inspired to do, was written in your music. I am my own biggest fan, because you made it okay. I need you to help wake up the black community.”

The meeting was picked up Donald Trump Jr., although exactly what was discussed currently remains unclear.

Kirk replied to Trump Jr., saying, “free thinkers only.”

On Monday, the Grammy-winning rapper tweeted a screenshot which showed a conversation in which someone informed West that President Lincoln “freed and protected” slaves, Republicans “helped black people,” and Democrats protected the rights of the slave owners in the south.”


West refused last week to define himself as a conservative, saying he has not fully researched the term, but contended that he is simply “refusing to be enslaved by monolithic thought.”

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