Barbra Streisand: Trump ‘Kidnapping Children at the Border’

The Associated Press

Actress and activist Barbara Streisand took to Twitter this week and accused President Donald Trump of “kidnapping children at the border” and “holding them hostage” in exchange for border wall funding.

Barbra Streisand captioned a tweet of an MSNBC panel discussing Trump’s immigration policies, saying, “Donald Trump is kidnapping children at the border and holding them hostage for his $25 BILLION wall. “You give me my wall, I’ll give you your children” is the transactional deal of an extortionist.”

The Meet the Fockers star then retweeted an article from the left-wing site the Daily Kos, which called Trump’s rhetoric on immigration “Hitlerian.”

The award-winning actress of Jewish descent then doubled-down on that point by describing Trump’s language on immigration as reminiscent of the “language of Hitler’s Germany.”

Streisand then accused President Trump of “literally” torturing children who are trying to “escape violence and abuse.”

The Oscar-winning actress has made serious accusations against President Trump in the past, as well. In February, she blamed the president for the Parkland school shooting, saying that he “brings out the violence in people.”

In May, Barbra Streisand said the U.S. withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal would “endanger the world.” The Golden Globe winner also parodied then-candidate Trump at an LGBT fundraiser in New York City, with an anti-Trump version of her hit song, Send in the Clowns. 

After days of intense backlash, President Trump signed an executive order which reversed current policy, and allows for families to remain together until the end of their immigration proceedings. Border wall funding was not a condition of the executive order.

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