Watch: Camille Paglia — ‘Not American’ for Women to Wait ’30 Years’ to Report Sexual Assault

Cultural critic and populist feminist Camille Paglia says it is “not American” and is actually “Stalinist” for women to wait “10 years, 20 years, 30 years” before reporting sexual assault.

During an interview with Fox News Tucker Carlson, Camile Paglia — a longtime critic of the second and third wave feminist movements — called out women who wait years before reporting sexual assault in the wake of Christine Blasey-Ford waiting until this year to publicly accuse Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her in the summer of 1982.

“I think we’ve gone a bit too far here,” Paglia said. “I think fundamental civil rights involving the presumption of innocence have to be considered. What I espouse as a feminist is that women themselves must take charge of their own interactions with men.

“They must signal at the time that something is unacceptable,” Paglia said of women. “This waiting 10 years, 20 years, 30 years is … this is not only not American, it’s Stalinist.”

Paglia also said that the puritanism of the MeToo campaign, where women across the country have spoken out about sexual assault and harassment, has taken women back into an era of male-bashing and “hysteria.”

Paglia said:

As I have written, there is no excuse for well-educated, upper-middle-class professional women to let offenses to their dignity go by. You must draw the line when it happens. It’s absurd that you feel too powerless, you can’t complain. These people, women who say that, are simply putting the career advantage over the larger question of feminist issues and the protection of women.

“My brand [of feminism] won in the 90’s thanks to Madonna suddenly bursting on the scene. But Madonna has faded and lost all sense of her own trajectory,” Paglia continued.

“I am astonished after the victory of the pro-sex wing that we’re back to feminist puritanism again of the Andrea Dworkin kind,” Paglia said. “We’re talking about mental imbalance. We’re talking about hysteria that has nothing whatever to do with women’s rights. These are neurotics who are talking about hatred of men, who are poisoning the culture, making it more difficult for young women to reconcile with young men.”

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