Julia Louis-Dreyfus Get Out the Vote Ad Warns Trump’s America Heading Toward Nazism

Los Angeles CA - JANUARY Julia Louis-Dreyfus, At Women's March Los Angeles, At Downtown Los Angeles In California on January 21, 2017. Credit: Faye Sadou/MediaPunch/IPX
Faye Sadou/MediaPunch/IPX

Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus starred in an ad for the ‘Multiply Your Vote’ campaign this weekend, warning that the United States is heading toward a political reality similar to that of Nazi Germany unless President Donald Trump’s power is restrained.

“Donald Trump, you are the president of all citizens of this country, you should not inflame the hatred of some at the violent expense of others,” Julia Louis-Dreyfus begins. “We’ve seen Jews subjected to persecution, prejudice, and mass murder for thousands of years. We were all horrified by the horrific slaughter of 11 Jewish congregants at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.”

The video then features two Holocaust survivors, both of whom talk about the risk of escalating prejudice in society.

“Last two years, since Trump is in charge, it’s getting by day, worse and worse and worse,” says Marta Lightner, one of the Holocaust survivors.

“I think that this administration opened a Pandora’s Box,” adds Tova Rotlevy-Cohen, another Holocaust survivor.

The ad goes on to show footage from the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville last year, where neo-Nazi marchers chanted: “Jews will not replace us!”

“In memory of the 11 people who lost their lives at their place of worship we call on the President to unequivocally denounced fascism, neo-Nazism, and white nationalism,” Louis-Dreyfus adds. “On November 6th, vote for unity, vote for decency, vote.”

Last month, the Veep star was featured in a similar ad for the ‘Multiply Your Vote’ campaign, urging people to take to the streets and campaign for the Democrats to make their voice heard on issues such as environment, women’s rights, immigration, and the protection of the “free press.”

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