Joy Behar Asks Trans Soldiers If Trump Is Banning Them to ‘Play to His Base’

Joy Behar

The View co-host Joy Behar insinuated that President Trump banned transgender soldiers so he could “play to his base” on air Wednesday.

“How about playing to his base?” Joy Behar asked Army Sgt. Patricia King in reference to President Trump’s policy to limit transgender people from serving in the military, which will be instituted Friday.

“I would not want to speculate as to that,” King said. “What I will say, is that we have found over the last few years, that all of the reasons that have been stated are just baseless–we’re talking about $2 million a year in transgender medical care versus $40 million a year in Viagra care.”

Another transgender service member, Capt. Jennifer Peace added, “The last three years have shown all the arguments the Department of Defense is making, like medical care, just simply doesn’t hold up.”

Meghan McCain, another co-host on The View, also attacked Trump’s policy as “unfair, un-American, and dangerous policy.”

“It is indefensible that Trump’s ban on Transgender troops is being implemented on Friday. This discriminatory policy will lead Transgender service members, patriots who have decided to serve their nation, to live in the shadows,” she said in a social media post.

Hollywood stars certainly don’t take criticism of transgender troops lightly. In January, former Hulu host Sarah Silverman exploded at the Trump administration, declaring that transgender troops are are more heroic than other military members.


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