Michael Moore Rips ‘Old Tired Privileged’ White Democrats Like Pelosi Who Won’t Give Up Power to Socialists

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Left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore on Monday blasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for downplaying the growing influence of the Democrat Party’s progressive wing, referring to her as an  “old,” “tired,” and “privileged” leader in denial of her diminishing power.

“White people. Nobody likes giving up power. And they never see the writing on the wall. The new day arrives and no one has the heart to tell them they and their old tired privileged ways are over,” Michael Moore tweeted in response to TIME editor-at-large Anand Giridharadas, who criticized Pelosi for minimizing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) victory and her stance on impeachment.

In an interview with CBS’s 60 Minutes, Pelosi dismissed concerns that progressive freshmen such as Ocasio-Cortez are causing issues for Democrat Congressional leadership.

“You have these wings — AOC and her group on one side,” said host Lesley Stahl.

“That’s, like, five people,” the House Speaker interrupted.

Stahl rejected Pelosi’s figure, replying that the far-left posse is “more than five.”

“Well, I’m progressive — I’m a progressive, yeah,” Pelosi quipped.

The Congressional Progressive Caucus possesses 98 members and is the second biggest Democrat group on Capitol Hill.

Moore wasn’t the only one to criticize Pelosi’s tete-a-tete with Stahl. President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Sunday evening to blast 60 Minutes, accusing the program of producing a “puff piece” of the House Speaker. “Such a “puff piece” on Nancy Pelosi by @60minutes, yet her leadership has passed no meaningful Legislation. All they do is Investigate, as it turns out, crimes that they instigated & committed. The Mueller No Collusion decision wasn’t even discussed-and she was a disaster at W.H.,” the president said.


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