Nolte: ‘Anti-Capitalist’ Streaming Subscription Service to Launch This Year

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“Means TV is an anti-capitalist on-demand digital streaming platform launching in late 2019,” the website reads, but the fundraising appeal appears to be in real trouble.

Back in March, the Intercept reported that Means TV had launched a fundraising campaign to raise the half-million dollars needed to fund an ambitious streaming service that will offer “access to a library of long- and short-form TV shows and movies – from talk shows, documentaries, stand-up comedy, to adult animation, dramas and more.”

What’s more, although no one is named, “Means TV will feature your favorite Leftist influencers, comedians, writers, organizers, and voices.”

That’s an awful lot of promising when you only have a half-million dollars. In a world where it costs millions of dollars just to produce one hour of drama, how does Means TV plan to fill a subscription platform with, among all those other things, “dramas” with only $500,000?

If that isn’t perplexing enough, how does Means TV plan to do it with $86,674, which is all that has so far been raised via 2615 backers and only 40 fundraising days left?

The subscription itself will cost $10 a month, which is more than Netflix’s streaming service originally cost, and Means TV promises “no advertisers, no commercials, no product placements, no contract, no cancellation fees, no commitment” and this kind of scintillating content, which feels a whole lot like homework:

Means TV is founded by Nick Hayes and Naomi Burton, the couple credited with foisting Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Crazy (D-NY) on us with this award-winning video about a 29-year-old woman who has never seen a garbage disposal.

On the plus side, Means TV say they have already secure 1,900 monthly subscribers, which means $19,000 a month in guaranteed revenue (which should cover the catering bill for that daytime talk show) and their YouTube channel boasts 139,000 subscribers. But already the Huffington Post believes the services offerings might need to be “scaled down from their initial plans.”

While I admire the fact that Means TV is attempting to do something free from corporate influence and appreciate the honesty in advertising itself as “anti-capitalist,” the whole concept is a little goofy, no?

Asking a socialist to pay for something is like asking Joe Biden to keep his hands to himself. And what non-socialist-communist is going to want to watch 24/7 lectures about the joys of communism and socialism?

And then there’s the fact that this kind of propaganda is already available everywhere for free — on the web, on CNN — literally everywhere.

Besides that, there just aren’t that many socialists in this country. Oh, sure, there might be people who claim to be socialists — you know, guys looking to bed all those neurotic woke chicks, at least the ones who shave, but come on… Life is good in this country. Even America’s poor enjoy decent housing, central heat, air conditioning, so much food obesity is now a problem, cable TV, video games, Internet access, cell phones, microwave ovens… Everyone knows capitalism has completely wiped out what we used to call poverty, and other than tyrants with man-buns and skinny jeans, who wants to mess with that?

Keep in mind that while Ocasio-Crazy is a media sensation, she’s a fabricated one who only earned about 16,000 votes in the primary that secured her general election win. Her real world influence is absurdly artificial, a total media creation.

Nevertheless, I wish Means TV luck. History has proved socialism a total catastrophe but anyone who puts on the uniform, steps into the arena, does not hide behind a phony shield of objectivity (like our corrupt media), and attempts to do something on their own, deserves respect.

Open debate is always a good thing and we can better defeat socialism through open debate as opposed to a CNN or MSNBC or New York Times disguising it as something else.


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