Robert De Niro Leads Former Prosecutors in PSA: ‘Clear Evidence’ Trump Committed Obstruction of Justice

De Niro as Robert Mueller, SNL

A new NowThis video released Thursday features actor Robert De Niro and more than 1,000 ex-federal prosecutors claiming there is “clear evidence” in the Mueller report that President Trump “committed felony obstruction of justice.”

“Recently, over 1,000 former federal prosecutors, who served under both Republican and Democratic presidents have united to sign a statement to help Americans understand what’s actually in the Mueller report,” said De Niro, who portrays Robert Mueller on Saturday Night Live.

Robert De Niro added, “Their conclusion should trouble us all.”

“We all strongly believe that there is more than enough evidence to indict President Trump for multiple felony counts of obstruction of justice,” said former assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Rodgers.

“The evidence shows that President Trump tried to stop, limit, and interfere with the Mueller investigation and other federal investigations surrounding him,” added former U.S. Attorney Elie Honig.

“President Trump tried to make sure that Mueller’s investigation didn’t focus on him or his campaign by controlling who was in charge of it and what they were allowed to look at,” stated former U.S. Attorney Alvin Bragg.

“This isn’t even a close case,” Bragg added.

The video closes with De Niro citing a quote from the Mueller report.

“In the words of the Mueller report, ‘no person is above the law,'” De Niro stated.

The full statement from the former federal prosecutors can be found here.

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