Alyssa Milano Demands Gun Control Law that Wouldn’t Have Stopped Virginia Beach Shooting

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Actress and gun control activist Alyssa Milano reacted to the Virginia Beach shooting by blaming Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Milano suggested that the shooting would not have occurred in HR8 had been voted on in the Senate.

11 KILLED AND MCCONNELL WON’T BRING UP FOR A VOTE. Tell me again how the @GOP is “pro-life” when they won’t vote for a bill— that already passed the house—that would make the country safer from gun violence.  the actress said.

HR8 is legislation criminalizing private gun sales by requiring would-be private gun buyers to undergo a background check like buyers at retail. The problem with Milano promoting this legislation now — and blaming McConnell in the process — is that NBC News reports the Virginia Beach attacker acquired his gun “legally,” which means he underwent a background check to get it.

Democrats named the legislation HR8 as a way to honor Gabby Giffords, who eight years ago survived being shot in Tucson, Arizona. But the truth of the matter is that HR8 would not have prevented her from being shot, as her attacker passed a background check to acquire his gun.

If Hollywood gun control activists and other Democrat surrogates want to lessen the occurrences of heinous attacks, the solution is fewer restrictions on armed law-abiding citizens, not more. Law-abiding citizens must be able to shoot back.

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