Nickelback Sees 500% Increase in Music Streams After Trump Tweet

Mark Davis/Getty Images
Mark Davis/Getty Images

Rock band Nickelback saw it’s 2005 hit song “Photograph” spike in popularity and sales, after a politically charged tweet by President Donald Trump.

Last week, Trump took aim at Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden, and his dubious ties to the Ukraine. The tweet featured a video in which Biden claim innocence, followed by the iconic shot of Nickelback lead singer Chad Kroeger holding up a photograph edited to show Biden, his son, and a Ukrainian gas company executive.

Amid the chaos of the Democrat impeachment inquiry, the internet at large embraced the meme — with many commenting that tweeting Nickelback at all should be an “impeachable offense.”

In response to the now-famous tweet, Nickelback pushed Twitter to remove it on copyright grounds. Nevertheless, the activity threw the pop rock band back into the proverbial spotlight. Overnight, streams of their music — “Photograph,” especially — skyrocketed. Within a week, the surge reached 569%.

And while it might not be grounds for impeachment unless you tongue is lodged firmly in cheek, it is a well known fact that being forced to listen to Nickelback constitutes actual punishment.


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