‘Boycott MSNBC’: John Cusack Rips Left-Wing Network over Bernie Sanders Coverage

CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 24: Actor John Cusack speaks at a rally ahead of an upcoming poten
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Actor and left-wing activist John Cusack retweeted a video montage of MSNBC hosts and commentators excoriating socialist senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (D-VT). The tweet featured the hashtag “Boycott MSNBC.”

“Be clear MSNBC. You did this to yourself no one made you parade neocons & neoliberal pundits to slander & smear a people’s movement that you KNOW is not radical but a return to FDR politics,” John Cusack said in response to the MSNBC video montage.

The video montage features a message that reads “MSNBC Has a Problem With Bernie Sanders.” MSNBC anchors like Chris Matthews are seen heckling and railing against Sen. Sanders. “He’s just waiving his arms around talking about revolution, we all need revolution,” Matthews says at one point in the video.

Elsewhere in the clip MSNBC anchor and commentator Donny Deutsch says “a socialist candidate is more dangerous to this country, as far as the stretch and wellbeing of our country, than Donald Trump.”

Cusack’s Twitter account is full of pro-Sanders fare and furious screeds at President Trump and his supporters.

In March, the 2012 star said of Trump that “the only way democracy survives him – is if he rots in prison.”

In May, Cusack issued a profanity-laced warning to Democrats: “Just a reminder there’s a fucking Nazi in the White House & everyone around him are criminal enablers – Dems begin impeachment hearings or resign for abdicating yr oaths. He won’t go away quietly He can’t be wished away. There’s no avoiding this fight – get on with it.”

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