Mia Farrow Posts Hunting Photo with Message to Trump: ‘Tell Your Sons Animal Cruelty Is Now a Crime’

SEATTLE, WA - MARCH 27: Actress and activist Mia Farrow introduces the history of international charity and educational partner, Free The Children, to 15,000 local youth on stage at the KeyArena at Seattle Center for the first-ever We Day Seattle on March 27, 2013. (Photo by Dana Nalbandian/Getty Images for …
Dana Nalbandian/Getty Images for Free The Children

Actress and activist Mia Farrow reacted to President Trump’s move to criminalize animal cruelty on Tuesday by resurfacing a photo of his eldest sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, posing with a dead leopard as part of a hunt in Zimbabwe that took place nearly a decade ago.

The president on Tuesday signed H.R. 724, otherwise known as the Protect Animal Cruelty and Torture Act (PACT). It criminalizes animal torture, specifically “crushing, burning, drowning, suffocating and impaling live animals, and other abuses such as sexually exploiting them,” according to the Humane Society.

The Great Gatsby actress responded by reminding Trump of his sons’ history of trophy hunting, which has nothing to do with the legislation signed into law on Tuesday.

“@realDonaldTrump⁩ tell your sons that animal cruelty is now a crime,” Farrow wrote alongside a picture of the brothers posing with a leopard.

The photo has, seemingly, bothered Farrow for years. She posted the image in 2015 with the caption, “What went so wrong with Trump sons that they could kill this beautiful creature.” In another tweet with the same image, she simply wrote, “Trump sons go hunting.”

Despite Farrow’s implication, the animal cruelty act does not apply to hunting, fishing, predator or pest control, medical or scientific research, routine euthanization of an animal, the “slaughter of animals for food,” or “normal veterinary, agricultural husbandry, or other animal management practice,” per the text of the bill.

It also does not apply to actions deemed necessary to protect one’s property or the life of an individual. Those points aside, the hunt Farrow points to took place outside of the country.

“We have a responsibility to honor the dignity of God’s creation,” Trump said after signing the law. “With today’s act, we take the critical step toward being more responsible and humane stewards of our planet and all who we want to cherish and take care of, and all of those who live on it.”

“In one stroke of the pen, the President has done more to protect animals and stop animal cruelty in America than anyone in history,” CEO of K9s for Warriors Rory Diamond said following Trump’s signature.


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